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  AceArctic  |  4

19 I've been using that since eighth grade, but phrased a bit longer.
"Baby, I feel so bad that all the polar bears are dying because of how much water we use. It's just so sad. Maybe we should conserve water by taking showers together!"
By the way, I have no idea how saving water affects polar bears, but most of the girls I tell that to are too stupid to realize that.

  Hansemans  |  17

Actually, #10, I think the problem is just that. The husband might have problems to adress the issues by starting an open conversation, because of his pride, because he is not a natural born talker, or whatever. But he hopes that by coming up with a ridiculous combination of contradicting suggestions, he triggers something in his wife that will lead to her talking about it, and finally solving the frustration.

I may be reading too much in this FML but still.