By Anonymous - 22/01/2011 05:29 - Canada

Today, at the end of another long workday, my husband announced that he was going to take a shower. Attempting to rekindle some much needed romance in our lives, I seductively asked him, "Want me to join you?" He replied, "Sure. But first I have to poop." FML
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hu? how is this an fml? unless u wanted him to poop on u

Nothing more romantic than ******** on your partners chest. Mmmmm

His mouth said "Sure", but his ass said "No way".

Did he really say poop? Sounds juvenile. I bet he actually said "Sure, but first I have to take a banging shit. You know how curry makes me." and winked at you, before scratching his balls and letting out a tremendous stinky fart, and going into the toilet, where he ran out of toilet roll and had to wipe on the curtains.

you forgot the part where licked a piece of chocolate off his hands only to realise it was shit

get an attractive ass before you go aroubd strutting it you ****

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You'd prefer sexing it up while he needs to poop? Maybe you do...dirrrty!

can't help it when nature calls! you should have let him start showering for a few and then join him if you really love him. everyone takes poops, I'm sure you do to OP :)

Impossible girls don't poop,pee or fart. proven by our friends at myth busters.

I actually remember the episode where they 'proved' that girls fart more than boys. I was shocked that the participants rode horses all day with a tube up their keester!

Not funny I once had a girlfriend that used to throw her faeces at me, no joke! Used to squirt one out into her palm and launch it at my face aiming specifically at mine eyes!!

Thanks for being so understanding, I still have dreams about turds flying towards me. I doubt I'll ever escape them...

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Cool, except your grammar still sucked and nobody cares about your dreams.

34, you're only dissing #17 because #13 is hot and she flagged her grammar first

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13 appears to b 13, and who gives a shit about his grammar, r u grading this fml? understand where this man is coming from, shit flying at his eyes, give em a break....I'm sorry buddy, we can make it thru this

You guys expect perfect grammar when he's reliving a traumatic moment to share it with us?

stop being fucken grammar Nazis. this peron is obviously scarred for life because of poop being hurled t his face

No one cares that you were desperate enough to date a girl that pooped in her hand and threw it at you...

Why is OP's husband - and all men in general - stupid?

oh ya men are stupid clearly Einstein and newton and homer (no not the simpsons) were all women who came up with those things. u know what's stupid? your profile picture

What 39 said. ^ Also: having some promotionissues? ;)

Hi 15, Your comment sucks. What's up 36, how are you today? YOU'RE A DUMB-ASS, 36!

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Please, leave your father issues with a psychologist, 15.

so just say no... this isn't some life damaging or embarrasing situation, why post it on FML ??

youd rather have him poop in the shower?!