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By -.- - 24/08/2013 23:54 - United States

Today, I suggestively asked my boyfriend to take a shower with me. He got in, washed himself, and got out, ignoring me the whole time. FML
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Heh, next time he suggests you get 'in bed' together just climb in and sleep, ignoring him.

We see he has priorities in order


He probably had soap in his eyes the whole time. Besides, did you try and do anything while he was in there??

It's time like that when you grab the dude by his dick and start yanking

Exactly! But I see my comment got voted down quickly. A new unabashed record

xStaciexLynnx 15

You probably got downvoted because you said he had soap in his eyes the entire time. What?

expertsmilee 26

YDI, should have suggested sex.

They were both naked in a shower, how much more of a suggestion do you need??

Um, if your significant other invites you to take a shower with them, exactly how much clearer could it be that they want sex?

expertsmilee 26

Uhhh, she could grab his dick or somethin?

Oh yeah it's all OP's fault. Sorry, I didn't understand sex is one sided. I guess using that logic, you probably don't understand why rape is illegal.

expertsmilee 26

I don't, could you explain it to me?

Heh, next time he suggests you get 'in bed' together just climb in and sleep, ignoring him.

Sounds like normal

Well considering what he did he probably wouldn't even be planning on doing anything special anyway

We see he has priorities in order

teamlightskin 14

You should have went for it! The worst thing that could have happened is if he turned you down.

I think that's exactly what already happened #7.

teamlightskin 14

#37 No, he just didnt go after it. She didnt ask, she was suggestive, she should have came on stronger and just went for it. Even if he said no, it wouldnt matter because either way she still didnt have sex.

So he does what you asked, and still its not OK? Women logic.....

You were trying to hard #1

At least you have a clean boyfriend and not a dirty one

RpiesSPIES 27

Well, he WAS dirty, but now he's clean. That's what the shower was for! /innocence

Next time, just grab his dick. That way, he'll know what's going on.

Straight and to the point.

skyeyez9 24

How could he Not realize what his gf intended?

simplysarcastics 26

Probably was not in the mood, but at least he complied with getting in the shower. ;/ i guess you could have tried to get close to him or something instead of waiting on him.

Are you kidding me? He's a male. He's always in the mood.

ApollosMyth 22

I couldn't imagine always being in the mood.. How would people get anything done?

TheDrifter 23

That's why we learn to multitask isn't it?