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He wanted clean shorts?

I don't think so number one. I believe he has a case of "never nude."

He's a nevernude!!

Hot damn, some people that know about Arrested Development!

He probably did...

Haha just like Tobias.

.............LIKE A BOSS!

did he drive his swimming trucks in the shower?

haha! this is awesome

what's wrong with that at least he cares you never know could be tempted got a little excited pop there's our baby honey

your really pretty

116 her really pretty what?

116 her really pretty what?

he meant the person he was replying to (Mercedes) is pretty

totally. He is a little shy, that's really cute :)

But did he take them off?

I'm guessing he did not otherwise this would not be an fml.

Who gives a shit ?

No, not even Jesus cares.

sooo did 50 other people you retard. no one cares. dumb fuck.

congratulations you have officially became a dumass would you like a certificate of honor titled dumbass on it? congrats!

Says the person that can't spell dumbass. Fail

that's kind of cute?


Well it was probably inappropriate for him to be naked wherever he was walking in from. He obviously can take them off, op.

hahaha classic!

Maybe hes insecure? Gotta cut him some slack.