By halofever82 - 10/4/2021 08:00

Preemptive strike

Today, after ordering at a restaurant, the waitress suddenly began acting like a bitch to me, for no apparent reason. I later found out why: most people who order that particular meal tend to argue and whine about the price. I wasn’t going to. FML
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  Plop  |  12

Yet OP stuck around and found out that it's because the customers are shitty entitled dickheads. The customer isn't always right, but caring for your employees goes a long way.

For lack of context though, it could still be the waitress' fault. But chances are, people are shit stains and should learn to treat others better. Your paying for a service doesn't make you the king.

By  SM79  |  4

That's when you let your tip reflect her attitude, and you complain to the management. And I used to be a server, so service has to be pretty bad for me to tip badly or complain.

By  DrSamba1  |  7

Something is wrong with this picture. OP says customers bitch and whine about the price of this meal. Isn't the price posted in the menu? I know sometimes prices fluctuate daily, and this may be one of those cases, but the wait staff don't deserve to be bitched at over the price. They just bring the food. Sounds as though the restaurant may need to adjust its policies. If the customer wants to bitch about somethig that she can't change, like the price of a meal, she should refer it to her manager. Settling disputes like that is above her pay grade and not something she should have to deal with at all.
Having said that, yes, sometimes customers are shitty entitled dickheads. Wait staff are human beings deserving of the same respect as customer. That is no reason for the waitress to be a bitch to OP. Neither is the choice of meal. Do shitty, entitled dickheads order that one meal exclusively? Is that meal prepared with body parts from her loved ones? Then she should just do her fucking job, which is to treat every new customer with hospitality and respect.