By Bruja5 - 07/02/2010 05:15 - United States

Today, I thought about my boyfriend and all the things we used to do together years ago. Today, I also spent the day doing my now husband's laundry and watching him sit on the couch with his hand inside his underwear. FML
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from strictly the FML, your life does not sound F'd. You can't expect relationships to be filled with passionate romance every day.

This is quite frankly the worst thread I've ever seen.


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Ydi for not living it new jersey

what is he watching..?? football?? and his hands in his pants.....!!! woow that's serious fantasy... maybe he does his fantasy behind ur back!! FYL

HiS uber-cool

This is quite frankly the worst thread I've ever seen.

The_9th_Doctor 18

you all suck, except for #73

shucks for you. that's what happens :/

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at least she did somthing useful today...

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And what is wrong with new jersey...?

FYL for not knowing about New Jersey people.

I live in New Jersey. I am going to assume that everything you "know," about Jersey people, is based off of Jersey shore. In that case, /facepalm.

amerrah 4

haha for real! not all jersey is filled with guedos. lmao

tb15 0

from strictly the FML, your life does not sound F'd. You can't expect relationships to be filled with passionate romance every day.

it is f...ed when your husband faps instead of making love to you tho !!

magnetic_aura 26

@74 - The OP didn't say he was masturbating. Just that he had his hand in his pants. He could have just been relaxing...

you married al bundy WIN

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AngryNinja 1

uh. pretty sure boyfriend of the past is husband of the present...

either way she needs to stop bitching and work on her relationship and not act like it's his responsibility to make sure she's happy all the time.

what YDI means..???

Splayd 10

Focus. Concentrate. If "FML," the title of this website, means "Eff My Life," then YDI must also mean something in relations to this site. Think. Concentrate.

Thunderbender 2

It means You Deserved It : )

if they got married.. isn't it his job as a husband to make her happy all the time?

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oh so young and naive

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I agree with 9...

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#26 - no it's not. Not everything bad is the man's fault. Sheesh.

YDI for not paying attention to doing the laundry.

nutcrackers 2

haha funny! lol

damn straight

Umm, I'm a woman and all I have to say to you is-stop being a stereotypical, whiny, martyr, c**t of a wife! ITS SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you expect marriage, that lasts your entire life, to be like the first few months of a relationship? Do you really want to be one of those women that complains that to their husband that he never spends time with you anymore? On Superbowl Sunday no less? Jesus Christ! That is like the ultra stereotype of an annoying, horrible, selfish, shrew of a wife from like a movie. Everyday isn't going to be exciting. Some days he'll sit on the sofa and you'll do laundry. Other days he'll have a long, stressful, extremely difficult day at work, and all you'll of done is the laundry. Boo hoo. You have a husband who sits on the sofa on Superbowl Sunday. God that is horrible. You are the only person on the face of the Earth who has to put up with such a horrific atrocity. We should all feel SO sorry for you. Your life is horrible. YDI you whiny bitch.

wow nice number 14 exactly what I was thinking

#14 you took the words right out of my mouth!!

Thunderbender 2

Marry me

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there needs to be more women like 14:)

lichen_fml 0

Oh, please. She's doing his laundry. I think she pulls her weight around the house and expects more from her husband than being taken for granted. Or are you such a cool wife that you never ask for any humanity in return?

pluralbusted 0

if she wants something friggn ASK. if she wants sex let him know. WTF women use your words, they serve no other purpose than communication

#23 I do all the laundry and always have. Yes it is a constant, unending, thankless, chore that I sometimes get frustrated with and wish it would somehow get done without me. However nothing in this post makes it seem like her husband takes her for granted. You are assuming (and you know what they say about people that assume!). Maybe she does everything around the house and he has never lifted a finger to help. That would be an FML I would feel for. But, since when reading this website we can only base our reaction and comments on the post, which in no way implies he always takes her for granted, I don't feel for her. Her husband is sitting on the sofa one day, she doesn't state 'like he has every day for years' or something to that effect. She is doing the laundry, upset that they aren't doing fun things, right then, like they used to when they were dating. She implies nothing about him being constantly or generally lazy or neglectful, or taking her for granted. Only that they aren't doing something fun together that day. Just seeing him sit there makes her wish it was like when they were dating. I bet she did lots of her own laundry when they were dating while he watched football but since they didn't live together it wasn't right in her face. When you live with someone you have to realize every day you see them you won't be spending fun, quality time together, cause you see them EVERY day! I love how people (read femnazis) read these things and assume he is ungrateful and lazy and takes her for granted cause he didn't help with laundry one day. And that day is SUPERBOWL Sunday, which IS a big deal and happens once a year! My comment was based on the post. If he is always like that or is usually the most thoughtful husband in the world none of us know and shouldn't comment on, because it's NOT in the post. How do you know he doesn't pay all the bills, put the kids to bed and run all the errands and she stays home, doesn't work, and laundry is her only task. Unlikely, true, but so is him being an ungrateful wretch who takes her for granted based on the fact he sat on the sofa one day during a big sports game. You people have destroyed the true meaning of feminism and made it about whiny self-entitled man-haters. GO SAINTS!!!!!

lichen_fml 0

In addition to no friends, you also have no reading comprehension. This FML was posted today but not submitted today. You've assumed more than I have in your rambling paragraph. If her husband treated her fairly, paid the bills to let her slack off, it seems obvious that she probably wouldn't be complaining about their marriage over the internet. Doesn't take a feminazi to read between the lines and point out the inequality there.

nofriends28 ftw in like every aspect of this fml

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You're a cunt yourself mam