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op call me! I can hook you up with some shamwows to wipe away you tears. Only $10.99


I love skittles and Peter griffin heehee...

There is no easy target for rape. Except women and children.

I like to make them think they have a sale and then try to get free stuff

I swear I've read a post very similar to this at least 5-6 times..

I do this when those telemarketers call me more than once. And finally tell them i am not interested. I dont get more calls then

well that was uncalled for. douche.

lol fail xD I love being alone haha I spend time with people all the time so alone time is kinda nice :D maybe you should go out somewhere and meet people! :D

...are you a chick or a guy?

I though chick, but then I went to his profile. His name's Levi and he likes cute girls. Sorry, Levi. A few more years should fix that problem. :3

ahaha it's the hair isn't it? xD I know it's like uber fucking long, I'm getting it cut like next week lol so I'll probably have a not so gay looking pic up then :P xD

There are some very masculine looking girls out there, and isn't Levi a unisex name?

I've never heard of a girl named Levi.

all I know is that I drove the chevi to the Levi but the Levi was dry.

haha corny but funny

44, read Fairy Tail. There's a female character named Levi.

wow, not one of these responses had anything to do with what the guy said XD

I can see that #3 is obviously a guy, even with the long hair. :P

I like being alone too!:)

You guys made him feel so self conscious about his looks that he took his picture down lolol

alone is fun better than being with aswholes

op call me! I can hook you up with some shamwows to wipe away you tears. Only $10.99

trololololololololol WIN

OP, don't listen to 5, I can hook you up with the exact same product for the cheap price of $10.98!

lol. I bet the telemarketer was pissed!!!

I want a ShamWow! : (

you've never been lonely before? just because she did something about it doesn't mean she's weird

48 I want you to think about what you just said carefully and then ask yourself if it really made sense

Try volunteering. You'll help someone and meet people, too.

Haha Awh. That's kinda sad.

Should have asked them if they were hiring. You'd get to talk to lots of idiots like you for the money, if they hired you.