Careless Whisper

By ihatejasonderulo - 02/09/2014 15:32 - United Kingdom - Hounslow

Today, I asked my girlfriend to talk dirty to me. Her response was to impersonate a saxophone. FML
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It was really a sexophone.

There is a song where they say "talk dirty to me" and then a saxophone starts playing. They play it on the radio frequently. It's a pop song.


It was really a sexophone.

gjikvtj 18

Good thing she's not a whore. Trampets sound terrible.

incoherentrmblr 21

Had to be a damper on your Tromboner...

Tell her to play your flute

grogers311 20

Haha #19

Didgeridoo her anyway?

This is clearly a reference to Jason Derulo's song "talk dirty"

Maybe she wanted you to hit her g-string

I guess now he is a D-flat

lol at 70; OP: "talk dirty to me" GIRLFRIEND: "*saxaphies Egyptian tune"

orbit 22

Make sure she's of age #72, you don't want to get cought fingering A-minor

Tell her if she sings it in D Major she won't be getting any major D from you for a while

Hopefully her boobs wont b-flat

'Tis why he shared it with us, for advice to help it "un-suck"

People share things on FML so that they can get advice? Wrong crowd, buddy!

Let's hope it goes from it sucking to her sucking.

#57 I'm not your buddy, guy.

That's not what fml is but I guess you people have changed it

#75 I'm not your guy, friend.

^ I was hoping someone recognized my South Park reference!

That's her way of talking dirty to her and anyways it's SAXophone! People sometimes say it sexophone so maybe she thought it would turn you on?

yeah what's dirty about a saxaphone?


Saxophones are considered dirty? I think they're pretty cool.

It depends on where you play it from

Sulphuric_Glue 16

Saxophones instantly make anyone the smoothest motherfucker who ever lived.

If it was the careless whisper sax solo, then I see no problem with this situation

"Play" her.

There is a song where they say "talk dirty to me" and then a saxophone starts playing. They play it on the radio frequently. It's a pop song.

Hence his username.

I find it sad that people automatically think of this song when someone says, "Talk dirty to me." Does no one remember the classic Poison song?

those were the old days now all people want to listen to is justin bieber and his autotune

what does this have to do with justin bieber

To be fair, saxophones are the sexiest of all instruments

I thought we established - several FML's ago - that the skin flute was the sexiest of all instruments?

"What's better than a rose on your piano? Two lips on your organ" (What's sexier than that?)

It's all about the triangle, guys.

petlover7598 7

Obviously you all have never been with a tuba player. So hot.

As a saxophone player I will admit that the sexist instrument is the cowbell, no one can ever get enough cowbell!

I always thought flutes would have been the sexiest instrument because there dick shaped and the occasional jokes "the skin flute"

that's pretty hot...

RedCityScapes 5

Talk Dirty~ Jason Derulo? Pretty sure a lot of people on here didn't get the reference.