By oxbonxo - 07/02/2011 08:38 - Australia

Today, after hanging up the phone, I realised that telemarketers are my only form of social life. FML
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I'll be your friend

that is not quite true. you also have the fml-website.


go out and make some friends?

at least OP is not like iPhone FML guy.

"go out and make friends" easier said than done

Well get some friends.. There's always someone you fit in with. [: You just have to give it a chance ^^

don't talk to people. be alone alone forever. die. it's the circle of life

Sorry dear, this Fml has been done more times than the village whore.. Frankly, I don't give a cojone!

make some real friends :) I thought Australians r d least lonely ppl in d world

You ought to befriend a spell checker.

While the OP eats a corn-dog, or while Clay Aiken eats a corn-dog? Or both? Sucking down corn-dogs together maybe?

you can't get corn dogs in Australia. loser.

They are true friends because they call back even when you say to stop.

that is not quite true. you also have the fml-website.

thanks! what about FML!? that's social. :p