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Today, my girlfriend asked me to hold her purse while shopping. All of a sudden, a robber punched me in the face and took her purse. She started crying about her purse and told me to get off the ground because I was embarrassing her. FML
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ydi for letting a female make u hold her purse. u should thank that mugger for taking you out of you emasculate misery. next time she tells u to hold her purse be a man and point her to the kitchen and say "go make me a sammich!"

#19, Wtf are you talking about? He's calling the girl a toddler, because she threw a fit, not dissing the guy for being on the ground.

And #33 & #35, fail. OP's girlfriend sounds like a dumb whiny bitch, and he should probably find someone else, but that doesn't mean he should be an asshole to all women. Grow up and learn to make your own ******* 'sammiches'. Your girlfriend is not your mom (unless something REALLY ****** up is going on).

dude you totally deserved it as a man it's your job to protect your woman and by extension what is hers don't be such a punk get your lame @$$ up and run after the guy you freaking pansy.

and what if OP was a chick? nothing indicates that OP is a boy..

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(the name is Alex)....(oh wait that's a boy and girls name).... (shit) (it's still usually a boys name...) (smd)

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Your picture is very fitting.

shoulda punched him back or seen him

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somebody ain't been robbed before. they go for breaking your nose, or clipping your chin, grab an item, and then haul ass, he didn't have a chance if the robber was smart

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u should have got up nd hit her ffs

Hit a woman? FYL for being a f***ing piece of shit. Macho my ass.

Wow. You should NEVER hit a woman. Only cowardly men hit women. If any man ever laid a hand on me they'd be screwed. I seriously hope that you were joking. Otherwise, I hope your girlfriend/wife gets away from you asap.

You should never hit anyone, period (unless there absolutely is no other way).

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So what if you're fighting a guy, and his good female friend/girlfriend jumps in and starts hitting you? What should you do?

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Boys can only hit you when your in the age of a child or early teens. For instense, did your brother use to hit you? He did to me, we just curse now but not hit. But otherwise, hitting girls in there late teens and as a woman is wrong!

Even if you were in a fight, and someone's girlfriend starts to jump in, that gives you no right go hit her. She shouldn't get in the middle of it, but that doesn't give you an excuse to hit her. When you're younger, of course siblings are going to fight. My brother and I always fight. It doesn't make it right for me to hit him, or him to hit me; but it's different when you're young.

You shouldnt be hitting anyone. So a woman can bitch slap me but I cant even hit her? In my opinion its all sexist, no one should be hitting anyone at all.

Yes, he should have hit his girlfriend. Since he was incapable of hitting the guy who just punched him and was currently making off with his girlfriends money, credit cards, identification documents etc etc... Yes, I suppose that would help him feel like a man again. Right?

If a girl jumps in on a fight she's stupid. Take care of the guy first then restrain, but not hit, the female friend until she either calms down or someone else such as a friend comes to get her. As a chick personally I don't fight other girls cause their too catty. I restrain them, guys I'll fight back in self defense and then some.

I am not for hitting women because I am a gentleman. HOWEVER. If you women demand equality with men, you'd better roll with the punches, pun intended, because EVERYTHING will be equal, not just some stuff.

"Shouldnt hit girls." Really? You really shouldn't hit anyone ever unless an extreme circumstance calls for it(life threatening, for example), and if the circumstance is extreme enough to justify physical violence, I'll use it on a man or woman. Women ARE suppose to be equal to men right? So they should be able to take an a$$ beating like a man right? You can't pick and choose with equality, you have to take the good AND the bad that comes with being an "equal".

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If I'm in a fight and a woman jumps in I'm gonna knock her the **** out. It has nothing to do with "feeling like a man", nobody is going to hurt me. I don't give a shit who you are. If you act like a man expect to get treated like one.

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Im the same way. In any kind of violent situation you do what needs to be done. I don't care if you're this Jessi girl or some ghetto wanna be gangster, if you hit me, I hit you.

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I feel that you shouldn't distinguish. In any kind of situation that involves violence, you have the right to defend yourself. Whether it's a man or woman.

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I feel that you shouldn't distinguish. In any kind of situation that involves violence, you have the right to defend yourself. Whether it's a man or woman.

You know what? Women and men go to jail for abusing eachother. It's not right for a woman to hit a man either, but at the same time men shouldn't ever hit women. It would be different if the woman was attacking the man and he was trying to protect himself, but a man who has issues and hits a woman to take his anger away? That's flat wrong. Disagree all that you want, men are stronger than women and shouldn't lay a finger on them.

Well Jess, by that same token, men must be smarter than women so the should get paid more. And men are more brave so they should be on the front lines of a war while women get to be in safer locations. Come on, your logic is flawed.

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Ya know Jess, not every guy is as strong as the next guy either If the situation calls for it, it doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man. By your logic, it's OK for an angry girlfriend to slap her boyfriend, because he's a man and it doesn't really hurt him, but it's practically a SIN if the guy does it? Neither should do it, please think harder on what you say.

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So basically it's only okay for a man to hit a woman if he's defending himself but it's not okay for a man to hit a woman because men are stronger than women? So I can hit you if you hit me but I can't hit you because I'm a man so I'm automatically stronger?

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lmao all u fool have seem to have takin my joke verry serius... FYI ITS A ******* JOKE u spitfucks nd if yall cant handle a joke den dnt read the comments left -.-

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agree with the first half but u should have just stoped their lol cuz iv seen some women beat the hell outta their men

I only took seriously the serious responses that followed your asinine comment. However, with grammar like yours, I'm also taking your comments seriously because you probably believe the shit you're spewing.

If she's swinging and/or does the shit that this hoe pulled I don't see why you shouldn't

Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about at all.