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By  0neiros  |  13

Go to or Reddit, create ONE and only ONE account. On those sites people ask and answer questions, and unless you are a lunatic or a troll, you opinion will be valued. People aren't going to come to your door (Well they might but trust me, you don't want those kind of friends) you have to go out to them.

By  KaD6  |  23

So do you think sitting at home on your computer is going to fix the problem? Get out there! Join a club doing something that you like or are interested in to meet people.

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

I’ve never done that but I think that’s a bit strange and that some time away from the digital world is good for you. This world’s beautiful and people fail to acknowledge it by isolating themselves on their devices. Even if you’re not too social, there are plenty of events going on in town, clubs, volunteering opportunities, sports, support groups, etc. Go find the ones that speak to you