By brileyyyy - 12/01/2010 03:40 - United States

Today, I was sent to the hospital for being knocked out with a potato. FML
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Potatoes are full of win.

who throws potatoes?!?!???!


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potato cannons gone wrong?

that's how you tell if the potatoe is a good one.

lol how does a potato just spuddenly hit you in the head?

#118 i will laugh with you about your cheesy potato joke =]

Doesn't sound real. I mean, who gets beaten up by a potato anymore?

Was it GLaDOS?

Lmao I laugh every time I read this Fml :)

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LOLZ that made me almost piss myself

Potatoes are full of win.

potatoes are awesome

Someone needs to invent a potato cannon target that makes fries when you hit it. Also, potatoes are badass.

lol. just lol

damn guys sorry I was second my mistake and we should get some more details. FYL for sur but the potatoe wins this round. I mean imagine the potatoes FML, "Today, I got it by a mans head i am now a mashed potatoe. FML" lol

@Josh: Something tells me you're related to Dan Quail...haha

You sir, are no Jack Kennedy. And it's "Dan Quayle", not "Quail". If you're going to insult someone, do it right.

Yes ma'

Well said, ScaryyMary! I agree!

Oh wow, I am not surprised this happening in Missouri. I'm from there lol.

A tragic potato cannon accident perhaps?

Thats what I was thinking, and if thats the case the OP is lucky it just knocked him/her out.

They are fun though.

sounds like bs

HAHAHA FYL indeed...this one made me laugh, sucks though...