By csor027 - 29/09/2010 06:33 - United States

Today, I was having a good talk with a coworker and I was excited that I've made my first friend at work. After sharing some stories and some laughs he asked if I had a boyfriend. I said I do. He asked if I was always faithful, I said I was. He then walked away. FML
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FYLDeep 25

I'm no expert, but I think he was trying to get into your pants...


where is the fml here? you just avoided a pervert who only cared about getting in your pants totally sucks to be you right now.

kaijapapaya 0

The FML is that she has no friends now.

MissErikaHart 0

well if u wanna b his friend u kno what to do

zakkyzebra 11

34, although I don't believe in religion. Amen

OC, he's a jerk for wanting sex with a woman, knowing that she is in a committed relationship. If he had a little respect for her, and her boyfriend, he would have stopped asking her out. But no, he goes a little further, seeing if she's willing to cheat. That makes him an incredible 'I don't give a shit about other people' jerk, and I have no compassion for him. But you're right that he isn't a jerk for not wanting to become friends with her.

Krajjan 9

YDI for expecting more from humanity than shallow narcissism. The time has come to grow up, realize we suck, and develop some healthy cynicism. It's inevitable.

Pastor_Rich 0

at least you know where he stands

What's going on in her relationship IS his problem, for god's sake, he's the one who wants to hook up with her. If she had an open relationship, fine, problem solved, but she hasn't, and he should respect that. But he didn't. So, he's a jerk. I read in my life way too much comments of people who wanted to or did have sex with a non-available person, making hem/her a cheater, and I'm sick of it. It's just a matter of maturity. And respect, for the partner, for the one you want to do, and even for yourself.

Yes he can ask, but asking whether someone will cheat is a bit jerky.Lol

he's a jerk for not wanting to talk to someone unless he can get sex out of it

rohosoccer08 1

I agree with citrusgirl, and that the guy is kinda a jerk but I do see what 56 is saying, he did back off when he knew it wouldn't go anywhere

The guy was interested in OP, asked her questions to determine OP's standing as a possible hookup, realized she was not available, and left. I don't understand why people are saying he was being a jerk. How was he to know that OP was in a relationship or what kind of relationship she was in without asking? Organisedchaos is spot on in this situation.

The question "Are you faithfull?" is one from a jerk. The question "Are you in an open relationship?" is one from a (more) decent person. There is nothing wrong with asking, but it is the way he did it.

mona_is_here 10

I wrote a comment and it got lost in the jungle of FMLs :(

I pray he is just a jerk like number 1 says I had a crazy girl basically do the same to me at work once but instead of walking away waited for my girlfriend to come to the store to meet up before we went to a movie (expendables ftw) and tried to break us up because my gf " had her turn."

mona_is_here 10

chaos, well yes, there are always exceptions out of the rules, that's what all the rules are about :))

that would suck if she later found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. :/

if you write a comment and no one sees it, did you really comment :)

chaos you have way too much time on your hands

viper2426 0

dude whats with the these posts nxt ur going to hear i lost my penny fml

being at school for 13 hours? you're right I clearly don't because I want to get into a good college

chaos ur reply was kind of useless because for 1) my mother is more classy than u can understand. 2) my reply was well thought out, it's just that my other possiable replies were just to smart for your small brain to process. (don't reply to this ur to much of a waste of time)

Oh yes Chaos, your "small brain" doesn't understand what Shadow said because you are so dumb. Although in my opinion, you probaly didn't understand because 1) Shadow isn't making any sense & 2) He spells like a first grader. It's hilarious that the minute someone comes up with a decent comment, some asshole decides to critizise it because it doesn't say, " Dam Op ur a *****. u deserve it for breathing" Leave Chaos alone, he obviously understands the situation much better than you ever will. :D


kick him in the head :) problem solved

Kicking someone in the head would probably lead to more problems, instead of resolving them.


ha true but it would make OP feel better & revenge to that jerk

DarkHelmet 10

YDI for trying to make friends, leading him on like that OP

Firestar1202 0

if she's hot, then every guy would think the same way, but most wouldn't say it out loud.

Not all guys are superficial assholes only looking for sex.

sugarr0babby0 0

haha, you shoulda punched him. :) but other than that, this really isn't much of an FML, your coworker is just a jerk.

dude... u wer the only one who bitched out, don't take it out on her....

She shouldn't have punched him, he was just curious. Maybe it was horrible for him to do that but the op didn't know him that well so she can just move on. OC, this girl isn't a frigid bitch, she just thinks the guy is an ass for checking how faithful she was, which is ok. You don't know her, take a step back.

mona_is_here 10

chaos, I think she didn't mean it literally, the part about punching. She put a smiley face after the quote so I suppose it was just a joke..

sugarr0babby0 0

Whoah, 35, calm. okay ? Obviously you don't get a joke, and thankyou everyonee else for agreeing with me. And 35, how exactly am I a bitch? Sheeeesh, people these days..

FYLDeep 25

I'm no expert, but I think he was trying to get into your pants...

DXB3 0

well he really was trying so that's why it's kinda an fml cause OP didn't have any friends at work and she lost her first and probably only friend.


That's the price for friendship haha!

you did nothing wrong, why would you want to lose your bf over some loser like that anyway? Maybe it was his way of finding out what sort of person you are on the inside. Id say you gained his respect .

ahaha wow well atleast he probably thought your pretty!