By anon - 26/07/2010 04:22 - United States

Today, I was fired from the restaurant I work at because I missed my shift. I missed it because I was in the hospital for food poisoning from the meal I ate at work last night. FML
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Sickkid97 5

show them the hospital records

bbailey19 3

sue the dog shot out of them

who uses the products from theiiir own company? ironic?

Shookitup 0

Sue they ass!! Just ghetto sayin'

That definitely is not ironic. More people who don't know what the actual meaning of irony is, anyone?

cantfightfate 0

32. I was thinking the same thing! lol

This is definitely not ironic. Misuse of irony, much?

Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger may I take your order?

andreezy273 0

it's "can" not "may" jackass. get that shit right

What 11? Allot of my friends get a free meal if they work the closing shift, or during supper.

i was just about to say that... sue them u dumbass

Please don't tell me you cooked the food because if you did, that would be an epic fail.

MetroidSlayer01 8

I agree with 1, this stinks of a wrongful termination suite

Agree with #1, you should threaten to sue, and/or show them the hospital records.

Management in the restuarant industry are ******* idiots. I too, got fired (well forced to resign) for having to go to the hospital for an allergic reaction to a medication I was taking. Get out if the industry now - all managers are ******* idiots

11 why wouldnt you? You usually get a better deal

file for workers comp / unemployment, complain to the health department

Sue, sue, yea, thats what you gotta do. Sue sue, or I'm gonna sue you!

RainbowxxVeinsx 17

A Weird al yankovic song actually. But both are awesome. ;-)

lol they can't fire you for that. Sue!!

lindsaysue 4

In some states you can be fired without reason. Especially if you no call-no show.. You don't have grounds to sue.. Especially since most hospitals have telephones..

You cannot legally be fired for missing work while in the hospital. Get a record proving you were there, take it to the manager. If you are not rehired then you'll have been wrongfully terminated and will have grounds to sue, but only then.

wow so if he was umcouncious, or dehydrated or other grosser bodily trouble you think that phone is both (a) available (most er or other short term has no phone) and (b) usable in that state. sound like a bitch to me.

astarwarsfan 0

they could always sue for food poisoning due to the crappy restaurant food

Ariasmake_1 0

ydi for getting food poisoning and writing about it on fml instead of calling a lawyer

you should go to the restaurant and in public say the food you ate poised you and you now need a new liver.

Call the health dept. and report them.And then go get ur unemployment /workman's comp. Then call a lawyer and sue for wrongful termination plus pain and suffering and medical bills. Stick it to them before they have a chance to stick it to you. The only one who will lok out for you. Is you yourself not anyone else.

well said, that is why there are labour laws in place op to stop assholes like that firing you, they have no right to do so, so yes take it to the labor board or health inspectors haha they will have a heyday with a food poisoning case.

lindsaysue 4

They also have right to work states, which means you can be terminated without reason... Given that the termination isn't based on sex, religion, race, etc., there are no grounds to sue...

tripleshame 3

he can sue for the food poisoning

right to work is not right to terminate on a whim.

lickmyjock 0

that'll teach ya to steal from your place of employment