By graciegold95 / Saturday 6 December 2014 16:10 / United States - San Francisco
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  granCanyon  |  12

LOL at the people downvoting my comment. Have you ever had to lead a group of people? Half of them will try to find a ridiculous excuse to come late to work or not do their work. After a while you just ignore everything.
That excuse doesn't make you look good OP. It's not the 1900s anymore. Most people have a phone, tv, watch, multiple clocks, computers etc. Didn't you notice the time difference? Did she change it while you were sleeping? That's unfortunate but you should always have a plan B. What if the alarm clock stops working while you're sleeping? Always have a second alarm clock(or set your phone's alarm software) just in case something happens to the main one. Also phones can be locked so no one will be able to change anything.

  aka_Specs  |  7

We live in the digital age...its a BS excuse. I had a student show up late to class because two days before we switched back to Daylight Savings...so you're telling me your electronic devices like your computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones...all of which change the time for you...and you "didn't notice"?

  iAmPaul  |  49

26 - Neither do clocks. However, certain digital watches can be programmed to have an alarm. Clearly the answer here though is a smartphone alarm.

  KittyLahv  |  27

I'm not sure you've picked up on what bosses are like in the FML community; they're not exactly kindhearted. Most of them are dicks, idiots, or both. I hope OP's boss is different in a good way.

  iAmPaul  |  49

That statement implies that the daughter set the clocks ahead by a few hours. However, assuming OP was late for work, that would mean that the daughter actually set the clocks back by a few hours. Your logic doesn't follow.

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