By graciegold95 - 06/12/2014 16:10 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my daughter decided it'd be funny to change the time on my clock. My boss didn't think it was funny. FML
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Explain to him what happened. He will understand.

Attacksloth 33

When you get home, treat it as if it's the right time, and make your daughter go to bed at 5pm.


Explain to him what happened. He will understand.

Really though? If someone told me that, I would think that it was just a lame excuse..

7, if it's OP's first offense, it's rather harsh of the boss to immediately disregard her excuse and punish her

I think the author of the FML already implied that he told his boss, and his boss still didn't give him any slack. "My boss didn't think it was funny"

I'm sorry but no boss will ever accept that excuse. It's like the adult version of "the dog ate my homework".

LOL at the people downvoting my comment. Have you ever had to lead a group of people? Half of them will try to find a ridiculous excuse to come late to work or not do their work. After a while you just ignore everything. That excuse doesn't make you look good OP. It's not the 1900s anymore. Most people have a phone, tv, watch, multiple clocks, computers etc. Didn't you notice the time difference? Did she change it while you were sleeping? That's unfortunate but you should always have a plan B. What if the alarm clock stops working while you're sleeping? Always have a second alarm clock(or set your phone's alarm software) just in case something happens to the main one. Also phones can be locked so no one will be able to change anything.

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We live in the digital age...its a BS excuse. I had a student show up late to class because two days before we switched back to Daylight you're telling me your electronic devices like your computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones...all of which change the time for you...and you "didn't notice"?

She could've changed the time on his alarm and then taken his phone.

thats why you should wear a watch so she cant change it without you knowing

Psycho_Babydoll 26

Watches don't usually wake you up.

isn't that's why there's smartwatches nowadays? even though they're expensive. But they can wake you up.

iAmPaul 49

26 - Neither do clocks. However, certain digital watches can be programmed to have an alarm. Clearly the answer here though is a smartphone alarm.

Im sure your boss would understand if you explain what happened :)

I'm not sure you've picked up on what bosses are like in the FML community; they're not exactly kindhearted. Most of them are dicks, idiots, or both. I hope OP's boss is different in a good way.

well i just got an account and havent been readig them for a while so i wouldnt know

Call his kid and advise him to play the same joke on him.

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23, Correction, that IS creepy.

Your boss sounds like he or she doesn't have any kids. Otherwise they would probably be more understanding..sorry OP try using your phone from now on?

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When you get home, treat it as if it's the right time, and make your daughter go to bed at 5pm.

iAmPaul 49

That statement implies that the daughter set the clocks ahead by a few hours. However, assuming OP was late for work, that would mean that the daughter actually set the clocks back by a few hours. Your logic doesn't follow.