By dancer101 - 04/02/2011 15:01 - United States

Today, I met my daughter's boyfriend, who she hopes to marry. I asked what he does, to which he answered, "I'm a Flamencologist." Flamencology? The study of Flamenco? Huh? FML
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Flaming Gynocologist?

Sammy_Baby 0

Yes. The study of flamenco.


Sammy_Baby 0

Yes. The study of flamenco.

i thought you meant flamingos at first..(:

is your shirt 2 pieces of bacon around a heart...?

No, he obviously said "phlegminologist", the study of phlegm. But with his Spanish lisp, and the fact that he was dancing with castanets, I don't blame you for misunderstanding.

They must be in high demand, nobody else wants to do that job Your daughter will indeed be very rich someday and you will someday be living off of the money the Flamenco brings you Your entire life will revolve around your son-in-laws opportunistic choice of labor You will be in denial for an extremely elongated period of time but you will eventually cone to your senses and become a Flamencee JOIN THE CAUSE OR BE SENT INTO THE TERRIBLE HELL OF BURGER-FLIPPING TO PAY FOR YOUR DENTURES n stuff

Rafid 0

smae here

its the study of flamingo dancing dumbass

QwertyMcNugget 0

Flamencology Flamencology, from the Spanish word Flamencología, is an academic discipline pertaining to the Flamenco arts. It combines research, documentation, and other techniques to achieve the diffusion and preservation of the art. :D

well said hunn (:

hotforwords much?

Stiggy626 25

bass guitars are unnecessary murderface. unless you're in primus

126- Douchebag picture much?

how is his picture a "douche" besides the fact that you have cup cakes as yours.

BikeAllDay818 6

douche picture with the guitar and even more of a douche with that red suit lmao and she probably has cupcakes as her picture because SHE like them

RKftw 0

flamenco dumbass

slushpup9696 12

154, it's a bass. Having a picture of yourself holding an instrument that you (most likely) love to play is not douchey.

nommnom_fml 0

154 - yea maybe 126's name might have given away what instrument he was holding...

theRovingMage 0

Sometimes. Other times it means, "What are your passions in life?" I just think it's an FML to this woman because she thought he made it up on the spot. She needs to ask more questions and then she'll find out that it's a real discipline.

k y don't u all relax, who cares if the pic is douchey or not...

flamenco is a style of guitar its spanish and is really really difficult to learn

mizzflory 5

yeah it's a bass you can tell by the longer fingerboard also they aren't cupcakes they're coconut muffins as does her name state

hahah. niiiccee!

...his pic looks pretty douchey to me

'Flamencology, from the Spanish word Flamencología, is an academic discipline pertaining to the Flamenco arts. It combines research, documentation, and other techniques to achieve the diffusion and preservation of the art.

Did he mean pyrotechnician as in working with flames?


Flaming Gynocologist?

That was my first guess too.

or a queerist! AHA hahaha ha... heh.. hoho. eh.......

emmanizzer 6

ha i had the exact same thought! :D


Or maybe flaming oncologist? Idk

Google it. You might be impressed a little. Not saying hes going to have a good job.

iSitt 0

don't think of it as losing a daughter but gaining a dependent.

Blackmail111 9

hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husband cause they flamincoing eribody out der

MrBond007_fml 6

I'm not sure if i remember correctly, but ^that's a tosh.o reference right? that was funny!

wakingthefallen2 0

actually it is an Antoine Dodson reference.

mandikay23 3

uhm, wow.

How is this an FML??

duhhh op. flamenco!! And your supposed to be an adult. shame.

You are welcome. Thanks for the shipment of vodka and fine cigars.

uberletepoon 10

guys got some moves, rhythm. probably amazing in bed ;)

probably gay. :)

About as silly as saying they're good in bed, why wasn't that comment also moderated then?

If someone studies dance, then maybe they move their body around really well, or something like that.

Haha, I'm being facetious on this one, and secretly wish I could dance better.

KingDingALing 9

We need to wean KaySL off the banhammer. He has an addiction to it...

BlooregardQKazoo 0

how to hell do you apply for a job like that?

Think maybe he's hiding something?

sublime420 11

You mean his boyfriend?

At least he has a job.l