By mark807 - 28/04/2012 06:52 - United States - Pittsburgh

Today, I fell and hit my head on hard concrete. When I went to the emergency room for a CT Scan, the nurse hit me in the head with an IV pole. FML
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and here I was, thinking concrete was soft...

aw I feel for you op. CT scans suck without being hit in the head repeatedly


that's why I have soft concrete around my house

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Why must everyone continue to make stupid first comments?

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I guess making stupid first comments is just a primal biological urge.

#15 - Without stupid comments, who would we make fun of? This is the food chain of FML: 1 - DocBastard 2 - Grammar Nazis 3 - Spelling Nazis 4- People who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're". 5 - Assholes 6 - Dumbasses 7 - Derp 8 - Racists 9 - People who say "first". 10 - People who say one liners like "lame", "stupid" or "idiot". 11 - People showing their body off in profile pictures.

SkoomaKi - You forgot about the suck-ups. I'd say they're somewhere in the middle.

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#29 - Yeah, I totally agree with you. Suck-ups are the worst. You're absolutely right.

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That was the point. Probably too subtle.

It wasn't too subtle, a lot of people on this site are just idiots.

26- you also forgot noobs, like me! :{P

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what a jerk!!! hope ur head feels better

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37- the knicks are going to take down the heat. prepare to lose bro.

You know, we don't care #56. It's FML, not the NBA.

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And where the hell are the mods? They rule these lands with their iron fists. They should be at the top.

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why was my comment moderated for saying the knicks are going to take down the heat? bad loss today for us though, carmelo was ice cold. we'll get em monday!!!!!!

I loled at your comment, literally. Thank you for the laugh.XD

aw I feel for you op. CT scans suck without being hit in the head repeatedly

Yes, we know because we've all been hit inside our heads.

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OP obviously mean on the head, so just go away lol

12, 16 - I was commenting on the malapropism which I found funny. Not all of us can have the same sense of humour!

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This is why you hit Tails, not Heads. And plus, tails never fails.

Was the nurse hot? That is the real question

Wow being hit "in" your head and still being able to write an fml is impressive! You are a miracle of medical science.

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If you cant say anything smart or funny, then dont bother commenting at all.

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44- the sad thing is, 3 thought their comment was both smart and funny.

Wow, given the choice of taking home the placenta or you, your mum chose you even though she thought you were the placenta. It's a miracle...

Lol you guys are so harsh. Lighten up and enjoy life a little! 57 - you're a douche for insulting someone's mom.

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*Pulls Willy Wonka pose* Tell me more about this lawsuit...

Why? It's not like they got called a pansy by the nurse.

You should only sue if it actually caused serious damage. For all you know, she might have only given OP a bruise.

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I just thumbed u down becuz ur profile pic is Justin bieber

I just thumbed you down because you're too lazy to type out proper words.

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The irony of getting hurt in a health facility....

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Ouch I thought hospitals were supposed to be safe

Yeah those high voltage defibrillators, pin-sharp syringes, scalpels and all those drugs. You'd think it be really safe. You're only safe behind those small curtain-surrounded cubicle.

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Hit me in the head, hit me ON the head. Personally I don't mind either, so you know calm your farms over one word.