By picklebug - United States - Minneapolis

Funny, thanks

Today, I was taken to the hospital after I fell down the stairs. The physician who saw me bit his lip and said he would have to amputate my foot, and I fainted in terror. One of the nurses later told me to "learn to take a damn joke." FML
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  jesuismelogee  |  16

If anything, medical humour should be between doctors not the between doctor and a patient.

A joke to lighten the mood I can understand. Something as horrible as losing a limb (or worse) is just putting your patient in a worse mental condition. It's not professional IMO.

  FightMyLiger  |  19

The key is to know how uptight your patient is before you make a joke. People don't want to hear it, but after a long day of dealing with REAL emergencies, a sprained ankle can make eyes roll in an ER.

  Piranhagirl  |  9

#76 OP wouldn't know it was only a sprained ankle. My parents, both RNs, thought I just sprained my foot, but a few days later when we went to the urgent care, we found out it was broken. And some people break easily and panic over small things because for them they could be big things. My dad worked as a paramedic and an ER nurse and I know he never rolled his eyes at any one from perfume up a butt to major bullet wounds. These both happened.