By mckenna9797 - United States
Today, it's my birthday and I'd planned to take my family and friends to dinner with my own money. My mom just informed me that she'd messaged everyone that I'd canceled the dinner. She instead wants to use my money to buy my older brother a gun for his birthday, which is in two days. FML
mckenna9797 tells us more :
Hey everyone, OP here. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I called my friends and got it rescheduled for Saturday luckily, although one or two might not be able to. As for my mom, she had a joint account with me due to when I was 17, and I just haven't gotten to it to change it to just me when I turned 18 last year, because she usually never does this. My mom does seem to like my brother more than me which is a little messed up but she usually respects me and treats me very well. She's a nice person and decent parent, but a little weird sometimes. She didn't have any money to spend on his birthday due to just paying rent for the month with her paycheck. She did however have no right to use my money or cancel my plans. That was uncalled for and definitely not right. As for the gun itself as a present to my brother, he's turning 23 and just got back from a year deployment to Germany. She wanted to do something special for him and he really wanted a mosin nagant rifle for a couple years now. I would have bought it for him honestly if. she asked because I get paid tomorrow. I hope that answers all your questions!
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  mckenna9797  |  15

I did comment, #83 I believe but idk if it shows up that OP commented like the others. I'm not unintelligent at all she just did it for good reasons, but her ways of doing it and ruining my dinner for tonight was totally uncalled for and selfish.


Good reasons? It's your money and if he for whatever reason really needs that gun then he or your mom can buy it. Screw her and replan the dinner and don't invite her, she had no right to do this.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

The fact that you were going to pay for your own birthday dinner wasn't good. I think that should have been your friends' and family's treat. Now you get nothing for your birthday and have to spend money on your brother, no, that's unacceptable. Here's an idea, how about she uses HER OWN money if she wants to buy a gun for your brother.

Now schedule another dinner for your birthday, but don't tell your mom so she can't cancel it. I honestly wouldn't even invite her, she basically played favourites here.

  tounces7  |  27

I wouldn't invite her to anything ever again, and not speak to her for the rest of my life. Brother is clearly "The Golden Child", and OP will NEVER meet mother's expectations.

  WolliBolli  |  23

I dont think paying for your friends and family is bad, even if its your birthday. I've done that myself. I wanted to go to a restaurant, and i cant force my friends to pay for it. So i felt it was only natural that i paid for them.

By  Kaylana_fml  |  31

That's beyond messed up. Tell her no and kick her out of your life. I admit to being used unjustly by my family a fair bit, being a self confessed doormat when it comes to my mother, but if she did anything like that to me, it'd make it very easy for me to walk away from her and never look back.