By Username / Tuesday 12 January 2010 04:03 / France
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The first time I took my test I was already really nervous about it.. We're driving down a series of narrow street.. I turn left at the stop sign.. The car behind me does the same thing, but in the wrong lane.. The old man then tried to merge into the correct side of the road.. without staying behind me.. Or passing me.. He tries to merge where my car is.. I panic and swerve and fail my test for.. "Not signaling", "swerving", "not maintaining calm" and a bunch of ot


Haha I was downright shitty with my tests. Wanna guess how many times I took it? I think it was...8. 8 times. Haha if anyone knows about nerves, it's me. I'm a fine driver now, been doing it for a while, no accidents. But I think my favorite test (sarcasm) was when I pulled out of the parking lot, IN FRONT OF A FIRETRUCK, and obviously the instructor screamed and I had to maneuver my way out of that one. Obviously, I didn't pass lol. But I had other tests that were just downright stu


Because we like to show off our driving skills, and we aren't lucky all the time. Just most of the time lol.

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