By Arielle - Australia
Today, I went to the hospital emergency room to visit my boyfriend who had badly sliced his leg open. It ended with me being admitted with a possible head trauma, after hitting my head on the wall and floor as I collapsed at the sight of his wound. FML
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By  kreepers  |  6

This happened to my aunt as well; I guess seeing the distraught and vulnerable state your loved one is in can shake you up as well. Hope you've recovered; cheer him on to his recovery as well!


#49- I don't know why you're thumbed-down. Most people on here would be an asshole and call him a pansy or pussy if the roles were switched and he was the one to pass out at the sight of her wound.
Yay for sexism!!

By  DocBastard  |  38

Nice job, drama queen. Not everything has to be about you. Let your boyfriend have his moment of glory instead of you constantly being the center of attention, princess.