By Arielle - 31/01/2012 11:07 - Australia

Today, I went to the hospital emergency room to visit my boyfriend who had badly sliced his leg open. It ended with me being admitted with a possible head trauma, after hitting my head on the wall and floor as I collapsed at the sight of his wound. FML
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At least you can keep him company now.

iAmScrubs 19

You can sing each other love songs across the hallways. We'll call it Hospital Musical.


At least you can keep him company now.

Who says they're in the same room?

Lol not really she really can't look over in his direction

flamerocker 9

Well some people fail to see how bad getting an arrow to the knee can be... I know, it was a bad joke

Damn_Hippster 11

^ don't worry, I laughed

shanemaximo 7

He really just wanted to spend time with you. His plan was executed flawlessly.

Idonebeenhad 17

I used to make arrow to the knee jokes, but then I took a fist to the face

Hey OP, I do that too!

6-but same hospital, isn't it? :D

enonymous 8

The couple that bleeds together stays together

will you go out with me?

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

This is what you call a painful experience.

apparently no one will.

Wow, you want the squeamish girl

Actually I just saw that she was from Australia, so thumbs up

2- will you go to the hell?

no, i was asking a legit question what the hell?

At least you can gaze lovingly at each other over the bays

Good lord! Is the wall ok?! I hope it doesn't have a dent

@33- Yeah, as the wall has more importance the human soul? :/

brunomars09 3

#33 I love you username and your picture. c:

iAmScrubs 19

You can sing each other love songs across the hallways. We'll call it Hospital Musical.

Or she could get back in the kitchen! Just kidding.. :/

This happened to my aunt as well; I guess seeing the distraught and vulnerable state your loved one is in can shake you up as well. Hope you've recovered; cheer him on to his recovery as well!

At least it didn't happen the other way round. Or questions would have been asked of his manliness...

CaptainPickles72 18

#49- I don't know why you're thumbed-down. Most people on here would be an asshole and call him a pansy or pussy if the roles were switched and he was the one to pass out at the sight of her wound. Yay for sexism!!

FML is full of dicks. That's why.

MeLuvBewbs 7

Sorry for you and your boyfriend. But you will recover together!

Hopefully they put y'all in the same room? At least he knows you cared enough to try and see him!

surfnshred 2

At least you guys can share a room now

Nice job, drama queen. Not everything has to be about you. Let your boyfriend have his moment of glory instead of you constantly being the center of attention, princess.


I scrolled down to see if you replied. Nice job!

I scrolled down to see if docbastard commented as well. I see head trauma on an fml and I think "docbastard".

I did the same thing, we all knew he had to be on here somewhere

perdix 29

Fucking hospitals! They'll stop at nothing to generate more business for themselves!

Perdix, Your a boss. 'Nuff Said.

Ah man.. It's like talking to a brick walls with you, isn't it?