By Are you f*cking kidding me - 12/06/2013 06:10 - United States - Denver

Today, I was on my bike. As I'm rolling through an intersection, some asshat in a pickup runs the red light and hits me. Instead of getting out and helping me, the guy hops out, takes a look at me lying in the street, steals my hat and drives off. That was my favorite hat. FML
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Good attempt at a pun, but doesn't really work here.

I believe he was just using "asshat" because op used it....failed attempt at correcting a pun.

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Otherwise, they're just asses!

Am I the only one picturing someone on the ground face up, with a twitching leg(from the wreck), and laying there typing this FML?

Honestly I wasn't picturing that at all

I'm sorry about your hat (and being hit) OP but that last sentence made my day.

If he's an asshat, and he stole your hat, does that mean that your hat is an ass? :o This FML has layers. I'm glad you're all right, though. Be thankful all you lost was your hat and not your life.

Hope op got the guys liscense plate and called it in. Hit and Runs + Theft of said hat, suspended liscense for accident and 2 years in prison for your favourite hat. :)

If only the criminal system worked like that -__-

Funny how you jst got hit by a truck today and you're already on here airing your story.,, hmmm

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@64, that's exactly what I was thinking (1st part at least), bit it's funny in a way that people can get just a license suspension for what should be an attempted manslaughter and 2 years for stealing a hat... Asshats need to go to jail for 2 years for running a red light and be on hard physical labour. For stealing, they should have a hand chopped off, why should my taxes support an asshole?

75, not to mention fleeing the scene of a crime. Where I'm at, that would be an additional charge, if they ever found that ******. 79, what are you on, and where can I get some?

70: that's against FML policy plus stfu it's not that hard to type while in the hospital, OP also never specified the extent of his injusries.

Why was the op wearing a hat instead of a helmat while riding his bike on the road?

Maybe he typed hat because he couldn't spell 'helmet'... Much like yourself ;)

Depending on what type of bike it is alot of people don't wear their helmets on peddle bike's for instance..

A lot of people don't, but everyone SHOULD wear a helmet when they ride a bicycle. This FML is case in point. If OP had hit his head when he got run over, he probably wouldn't be able to function well enough to even write this FML if he managed to survive. One of my greatest fears is suffering brain damage and living the rest of my life as a half-wit, so I always wear my helmet when I ride my bike, even though it looks goofy. I'd rather LOOK goofy than BE goofy.

I see kids around here all the time with helmets. Hung off the handlebars while they ride their bikes. I don't get it. They'd rather be inconvenienced by the helmet in the way than lock it on their heads and ruin their hair or get teased by their friends, I guess. Seriously. It makes no sense to me.

No, he didn't, but he COULD have. Who's to say he won't hit his head the next time some asshat decides to run a red light? I hope this is a wake up call for OP.

36 AGREE. lots of people think that "oh well I'm an adult, I shouldn't have to wear a helmet" when brain damage can happen to anyone in a biking or skateboarding etc accident. a lot of adults have actually ended up having to have an assistant take care often because they did wear a helmet. I'd rather look stupid than have an assistant take care of me

Most of the time is safe to ride without getting hit by a car. If you actually pay attention to the traffic then you will not get hit by a car.

Unless drivers don't obey traffic laws, which is the case here.

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so now its his fault for not wearing a helmet, reallly....?

Well it wouldn't have been stolen if he was wearing his helmet, would it?

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@36 and @43 that's when you just watch the natural selection so it's thing :)

They recently, about a year ago or so, got rid of the mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle riders in Michigan... Saw a lot of riders without them in Ohio too. Are people really that stupid!? When I ride, I'm wearing jeans and a leather jacket and a helmet, no matter how hot it is! I have no desire to see my bones poking through my skin.

20 - the spelling is "pedal". I didn't realize how many people make that mistake. Furthermore, helmets are still expected to be worn on pedal bikes.

Also, "a lot" is two words, and "bikes" should not have apostrophe when pluralized. I'm probably going to get thumbed down for these comments, but I have OCD and it really irritates me when people make such simple mistakes.

Actually, no. Helmets discourage people from riding bicycles, and the #1 thing you can do to increase bicycle safety is to increase the number of bicycles on the road so the BDCs (Brain Dead Cagers) get used to seeing us. Studies have also been done that show that car drivers leave less room for helmeted bicyclists than for unhelmeted ones. In the 1990s Australia passed a mandatory bicycle-helmet law for adults. After the law was implemented, so many adults stopped doing recreational and transportation bicycling, and didn't replace it with other forms of exercise, that it was a net lose from a public health perspective when you consider the morbidity and mortality from people who don't exercise.

#99 I totally agree! As an adult you should have the right to choose. I don't wear a helmet but I stay away from traffic and stick to bike trails. Children should have to wear helmets though and motorcyclist because there is a much higher risk of being injured not only are you going high speeds so is everyone else.

I'm ok with adults having the right to opt out of wearing a helmet. So long as I have the right to opt out of paying taxes to support their medical treatment for head injuries that occur. If you deliberately put yourself at risk when the data clearly shows that helmets reduce head injuries, then you shouldn't expect other people to pay your medical bills. In places like Canada with socialized medicine at least.

Well my hats off to that guy, he's definitely winning the asshole of the week award. I hope you got his plate number.

******* assholes these days. Hopefully you're okay and that guy will face the ultimate penalty of karma. And I see what you did there ;)

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asshat needed ... Damn. Missed it by that much.

Second attempt to correct a pun and you fail again.

Bad people will eventually get what they deserve!

You mean you DON'T jump around like a rabbit? O_o

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Is this team fortress 2 in real life?

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If you were "rolling through" an intersection, you deserved it. Hat? You mean helmet - right? YDI.

whats wrong with going through an intersection? just because OP was on a bike, you automatically think he was running a red light?

Of course he was rolling through the intersection, he's on a bike.. How else is he going to get through it? And he most likely did have the green light since he clearly says that the guy in the truck ran his red light and hit him...

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They see me rollin', they hittin', they stolen my hat and left me splayed and hurting.

no he didn't deserve it. that car shouldn't have come through the intersection, it ran a red light. that's not a YDI

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Bikes also have to follow the same laws. The wording makes it sound more like the vehicle ran a yellow while the bike was "rolling through" a red in anticipation of a green. One doesn't "roll through" when they have a green light. They simply proceed through the intersection. Either way, no helmet = YD getting the hat stolen. At least around here, OP would get a citation - and OP is lucky to not be dead.

so if you don't wear a helmet you deserve to get hit by a car running a red light. guess pedestrians without helmets deserve to be run over as well.

It's illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk you idiotic, ignorant ****.