By shifala - 22/01/2015 09:02 - Philippines - Caloocan

Today, I was riding my bike to work in a hurry and hit a pothole. I flew off and hit the ground hard. I was badly shaken, but an old lady came over, checked me out and helped me to my feet. After she left the scene, I realized she'd pickpocketed my wallet while "helping" me. FML
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man_in_black08 28

Plot twist: The pothole was planted by the old woman. Genius masterplan!

*crime music* When the elderly strike back


but all she did was help herself too I mean come on, you cant be selfish if she helps you, this isn't a one way street

Ikashy73 14
incoherentrmblr 21

This reminds me of that skittles commercial where she's walking her cloud. Perfect setup...

*crime music* When the elderly strike back

1dvs_bstd 41

who said old people are nice? some of them are just nasty old bitches.

That's kinda miserable... I know it sucks for you OP... BUT the fact that an old lady had to resort to pick pocketing you is just sad... I think it's more her FML :/

"Today, this guy flew off his bike. While I helped him up, I stole his wallet and left. FML."

Next time you help her across the street, steal it back.

Should've chased her down. How far could she have gotten?

HarleyBlues 24

Could have been worse, how would you feel if she beat the shit out of you then stole your wallet?

What kind of ****** up old ladies have you ran into? Did you run into a biker gang of old ladies?

HarleyBlues 24

I haven't personally, but I'm sure it's happened. I was really just trying to give OP a confidence boost.

countryb_cth 38

@11 I don't usually laugh at comments but yours I got a good laugh out of, all I picture is a biker gang of just old ladies with baseball bats and tattoos.

And then they can have their grandchildren in a biker gang. Grandsons of Anarchy.

man_in_black08 28

Plot twist: The pothole was planted by the old woman. Genius masterplan!

bryce0110 23

I instantly though animal crossing when you said "planted a pothole."

If FML has taught me one thing it's that all elderly people are thieves.

You've gotta watch out for those old ladies. They're evil.

what the hell is going on??? old woman steals a bikers wallet while he is hurt. wow! that's a new low

kirigaiku 15

It's the Philippines lol, you always have to watch out for your things.. It's already dangerous if your in a market and you pull out a iPhone.