By sam - 17/01/2011 03:32

Today, I watched as a guy hit my car, laugh when he saw me running towards him, and drive away. FML
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here's what I would do. find out who he is, frame him for sleeping with his bosses wife/husband. so that his wife gets pissed at him and leaves, this is where I am the nice caring rebound guy. then I would film myself with his wife I send it to him. revenge complete.

Alanah101 0

Have you actually done this before? lol. Sounds like something out of a movie.

good plan dude. make him eat his parents too. Eric cartman style

and I assume you were to busy thinking of what a good fml post that situation would make, you forgot to look at his license plate #??

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Love this comment. Vast jungle of assuming morons xD

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It's kind of difficult to post a decent comment without making some kind of assumption, given that the stories are only a few sentences long. :P

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Take his license plate and call the cops on him. Hit and run is illegal.

cradle6 13

38- exactly. op obviously had a clear view to get a license plate. cops take hit and runs very seriously.

To be fair, we dont know if he had a clear view or not; the other guy could have sidewiped OP and paused before he kept on going, been obscured by other traffic, turned a corner, etc. Or maybe the hit and run guy didnt even HAVE a license plate. Or maybe OP didn't have his glasses on at the time. Or maybe he didn't have anything to write it down on. Or maybe OP indeed wrote down the plate number and reported it but left that part out since there is only a max of 300 characters for FMLs. Point is, we just don't know.

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license plates??? u should have run faster!

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Do people often laugh when they see you running op?

"running" at him?! that sounds a little overreacting doesnt it?! are you that kind of short-tempered wacko that would beat up someone over a traffic accident?!

what do you suppose he should have done?? laugh and joke about it as some dumbass just hit his second biggest purchase of his life.. yeah

i have been involved in accidents and Never did i run like a maniac at people.. i calmly Check if everybody's alright then wait for the cops and do the paperwork... accidents happen, why throw a fit about it..

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i Agree w/ 10 . What Else Would You Do , a Person Hit Your Car And Left . Youur Just Gonna Stand There ?

the op said he was running towards him before he knew he was gonna drive away

When I read it, I assumed OP was a distance away when they saw their car get hit and was running towards the accident to talk to the other driver. The other driver saw OP, was not interested in handling things like an adult, so he/she drove away laughing...

I couldn't help but laugh, you were wearing gimp suit in broad day light.

u shudv laughed and sed it was his dads and watch his reaction :)