By metallicatime - 16/12/2011 03:16 - United States

Today, a stoplight dropped square into the bed of my pickup truck. The police think I was attempting to steal it, and my insurance won't cover the damage to my truck. There were no witnesses. FML
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Give them some donuts, you will then be helped. Merry Christmas

And how exactly did that happen?


Give them some donuts, you will then be helped. Merry Christmas

IphonFML 6

Every, if not, most stoplights should have cameras on them. or at eqch intersection. look at those for proof :)

The us government is too poor to have cameras everywhere. Also they're mostly if not only on big streets, what if he was parked at home?

How the **** does a stop light fall in the bed of your truck at your house?? Do you have stop lights hanging over your driveway, or in your garage??

nobody said it was at his house

Marcella1016 31

Error message on a long post -_- Sending in parts... 1 - Maybe I have too much faith in our criminal justice system, but I'd think a little investigating would unearth the truth. I imagine if the light fell into OP's truck, there'd be a huge dent from the height and weight. The bulbs/glass would likely be broken. If op was actually stealing it, it would've been placed into his truck, with little to no damage to either the truck or the light.

Marcella1016 31

2 - Also, if the light was really hanging by such worn out, crappy wires, you should be able to see where they frayed and snapped. If OP stole it, you'd see a clean cut from, say, a wire cutter.

Marcella1016 31

3 - Lastly, I'm imagining OP immediately pulling over and calling the cops after hearing the crash of the light falling into his truck. And I imagine if he stole the light, he'd have wire cutters, ladder, etc on him. Not that he'd be automatically guilty if he did, but their absence would certainly point in the direction of his innocence. Just my $.02. FYL, OP, and I hope you have a good lawyer...

wow, i didnt think about the wire part(being frayed)

And how exactly did that happen?

Did it just randomly fall down? I don't even know why I'm asking this...op's not gonna answer...

Well 2, since you clearly can't read, the stoplight dropped square into the bed of his pickup truck.

Uhh something called "the wind". Look it up.

81 Yeah, the wind is strong nowadays; we need to start welding and bolting everything to the ground.

bigboughner 0

How did you hear the thud?

bigboughner 0

*not hear

he heard it. that's how he knew it fell in his truck

What are the odds.. Like seriously lol

Drummerboy1234 0

hey this happened to me once! I was dreaming though.

Are you asking for the actual odds? Like seriously?

Drummerboy1234 0

ahh thumb me down then. that sucks though op, try to see if there's a traffic cam. this bitch hit me and ran one night at 1:30 in the morn, and she tried to blame it on me. it was a convincing story but there was a traffic cam and now she's facing charges. ask to look!

well that legitimately sucks.

twinny_sc 13

That's peculiar.

Jewnut 0

Did you even have tools on you?

yeah if he had no tools, no ladder, and none of his finger prints on the stop light it will never stick

yumlicious 4

Well... Wow. Get a lawyer? Innocent until proven guilty.

And call the local investigative reporter. Could be some serious public safety risks going on.

yumlicious 4

That's a good idea as well. Do not want any telephone poles falling down on the old lady pushing her grocery cart home. I do not understand how they can just jump to the conclusion of theft. First off I'm sure there would be some damage from it falling onto your vehicle. Secondly wouldn't there be tools? How do you take down a traffic light? Aren't they hardcore attached (I guess this one wasn't) to a pole or wires? You would need like a latter, lots of random tools, safety gear, etc. O.o? Lastly are there no traffic cameras or nearby businesses with security cameras?

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

34 he said there were damages to his truck. Insurance just won't cover it. Also, who wears safety gear when stealing something?


Couldn't HE sue THEM?

Is there an ATM machine nearby?

zebrapattern 6

"ATM" already includes the word "machine", you needn't say it twice.

Automated Teller Machine... Machine

the campfire song song

Llamacod 11

Hey now, be fair. Monkeygirl works at the "department of redundancy department"

Or the American Dodgeball Association of America

Wow what are the chances? But aren't you innocent til proven guilty?

LunaDragon 10

Not if he/she is from Texas, then it's guilty until proven innocent.

Well it says Pennsylvania...

LunaDragon 10

Well I'm on the andorid app and it doesn't show gender, or location. :(

Llamacod 11

Wow luna, the andorid app sounds nearly as user unfriendly as my android app.

LunaDragon 10

Llamacod, It is, it's a knock off, its like the Timex version of Rolex. =p