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Today, my mother threw away my brand new headphones. She saw them on the couch with duct tape on the wires and assumed they were "old, broken, and cheap." I put the tape there to avoid damaging the wires. FML
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Why do people assume it's okay to just throw things out without asking? I hope she buys you new ones, OP.

Did you respond to her with "YOU'RE old, broken, and cheap!"?


I have found another of my people, someone who has a mum just as dumb as mine.

I've found another of my people; someone who cares about their shit. As I type this, I'm listening to music with headphones with tape on the wires. Nothing wrong with it, just tell your mom next time.

why the hell would you put tape on the wires?

66, taping the wires prevents the problem where the sound goes in and out, or doesn't work at all.

Don't worry guys, just super glue your hands to a table while you listen to music, damage will not occur to your wires

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These kind of FMLs just piss me the hell off. I better go cool off.

Where on the wires do you put the tape? I have never heard of this trick and want to use it on my $15 stereo headphones and $30 (though I got them free) I phone earpods. And for the information of any readers, I got the earpods for christmas only because I didn't want the phone.

Why do people assume it's okay to just throw things out without asking? I hope she buys you new ones, OP.

He didn't say that she broke them and threw them away, why not just take them back out of the trash?

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If he took care of his stuff and put them away when he's done, this wouldn't happen. Definite YDI

you're telling me you wouldn't pick up money out of the trash? because thats pretty much the same thing.

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Yes, let expensive electronics go to the dump because they're dirty and that's "disgusting". Or, you know, grab some sanitizing wipes.

except you don't place money on your ears or (hopefully) anywhere near your face.

Perhaps trash pickup has happened already.

She better buy new ones for Op. Also, I really can't believe she would throw out headphones. I am pretty sure you can tell if they are a nice pair of headphones if you despite the fact there was ductape. I wonder what kind they were? Skull headphones? Nakamichi? Turtlebeach? Maybe they were just Somk because I find that Somk sucks or the pair I got for free do. I don't use Somk. My headphones have an interchangable wire port on them so I don't have to worry if the wire gets screwy.

Why do people assume it's ok to just leave things laying around on the couch instead of returning them to where they belong? You answer my question, I'll answer yours.

-85 Two words. "I forgot" Which, tend to be most common In my vocabulary :D

Four words... "You won't forget again." I'll have a clean couch for a while. Until I have to throw something else away.

Did you respond to her with "YOU'RE old, broken, and cheap!"?

You would insult your mother like that because she threw away something by accident? That's really quite cruel.

#7- It's a joke and she threw them away without asking. Pretty sure you'd be pissed if your mom threw away something of yours that wasn't broken.

#14: Of course I would be angry, but I would never dare say that to my mother or anyone else for that matter, especially when upset. It is called RESPECT.

#15- That is true, I wouldn't say that to anyone either. I apologize.

15 While I don't agree with insulting your mother, I do think that a relationship should involve mutual respect and apparently this one doesn't.

So cruel... but still funny, but cruel. I think it's funny to joke about, but don't say things like that to your mothers.

15. In some cases of mutual respect people do tend to insult each other and still have that respect. Me and my mother for instance on a daily basis we insult each other and are still very close.

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Mutual respect also involves picking up after yourself when you're in someone elses house.

And how do we know op doesn't live with his mom or that he didn't just put the headphones there and go to the bathroom...

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Maybe u shudnt put duct tape on ur headphones it makes em look shitty

Maybe you should learn how to write correctly.

*sigh*... "I put the tape there to avoid damaging the wires."

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It's the Internet if I I feel like using abbreviations for words then I will, if you don't like it too bad.

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It's the Internet, everyone seems turn into an English teacher for no apparent reason

Not an English teacher, an English teacher would have issues with 99.9% of this writing. People just want a decent attempt at writing so it is not painful to read.

Shitty lak ur por spelin mak u luk.....

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13- You didn't seem to have a problem spelling out your words that time. Embarrassed?

#52 Do you know what a contraction is? You used one in your sentence; It is known to be poor or informal literature. More for speaking than writing. Even I know this and English was my worst subject. Embarrassed? "Started from the bottom now we're* here". Pun intended

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75- What? Contractions are not considered poor grammar or 'just for speaking'. Everyone uses them in writing.

#78 I agree with you, They are not wrong or incorrect to use. But any English professor would say it is informal to use them, they are not a formal version of text. A collegiate English professor would say they are more for speaking than writing. When you are going to be rude to someone, and bash their literature it is safe to make sure you cover yourself 100% and not 95% like #52 did. It just looks lazy or half-ass. I guess what I was trying to say is his sentence could have been better. There was room for grammatical improvement.

Oh man that sucks. FYL op. Get her to buy you the same ones.

Maybe you should have used clear tape. Then the only place she would have threw them is your room

It's not the same as using duct tape.......DUCT TAPE FIXES EVERYTHING!!!

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Thrown*. Proper grammar, my friend. Please use it.

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You should never leave your stuff anywhere.

I agree but for all we know OP could have just went to the bathroom or for a shower. he could have left them because he was coming back soon.

I take my stuff with me wherever I go. Any time I leave my stuff sitting out my family decides to touch/break my stuff.

By this logic, if your stuff isn't "anywhere" does it even exist?

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That's deep #49... so deep I can't even see you.

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Exactly. As soon as you are finished with it you must immediately toss it into a black hole so it disappears forever. That way no one can throw it out

I feel you OP. My family always thinks It's okay to get rid of things without asking. But I hope she buys you new ones!

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Speaks volumes about our society that someone would throw something out for no other reason than that it looks old.

#29. In Canada, we send the old folks to sea on ice flows.

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Toss 'em in the Reversing Falls. XD

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That'll teach you to leave your shit laying about!