By i hit a cyclist - 27/05/2013 11:19 - United Kingdom - Nottingham

Today, I accidentally hit a cyclist with my car. In panic, I jumped out of my car and ran up to him, who was lying on the floor, motionless. As I was about to check his pulse, he jumped up and shouted, "I bet you thought I was dead, asshole!" He then punched me in the face and cycled off. FML
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What a jerk, it was obviously an accident, at least you tried to help him

At least you went to check on him instead of driving off like so many people have done :)


What a jerk, it was obviously an accident, at least you tried to help him

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I wanna know if OP screamed like a girl when the cyclist jumped up

50pts to OP for hitting this asshole lol

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I would have beat at the crap out of him. You don't scare someone like that and then injure them and scare them again. ****** deserved whatever injuries he got.

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I love that cyclist!!! I would totally pull something like that. Always good to pay the person back. I just wonder if it really was Op fault.

While I agree that it was good of OP to get out and try to help the cyclist, and that the cyclist was a jerk, how can you possibly know whether it was obvious that it was an accident or not? We have no real details, and just because the post tells us it was an accident, that doesn't actually prove that it was, or that the cyclist could tell that it was. How do you know what it looked like?

107 - Because people don't hit other people with their cars for fun and then try to help the injured victim.

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He was just trying to teach you a lesson. In the worst way possible.

Yeah, at least he didn't try to sue!!

The lesson being...? Plan your accidents in advance so that you can avoid them?

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#4, the lesson for today is this: If you think you might have killed a cyclist with your car, . . . run over him 4 or 5 more times to make sure.

7 - We don't sue like morons where OP is from.

@23 - That's right, natural selection. They'll learn to use the damn sidewalks.

#30 I'm a personal injury paralegal in London. I assure you, we DO sue like morons where OP is from. I have literally seen a client sit and accept advice from someone that their claim is worth between £10,000 - £12,000 and then turn around and say they will claim professional negligence from my firm if they get less than £50,000.

At least you went to check on him instead of driving off like so many people have done :)

Oh...I figured he/someone was gonna steal your car during that, but a swift punch in the face from a crazy troll cyclist works too.

I know right! When people call the ground the floor I swear I could shoot my damn brains ou-....... No, I actually couldn't give 2 *****...

This is why I hate cyclists. He should be grateful you tried to help. What an arse.

Well, OP did just run him over, so I can understand him being pissed off. Really, I can't figure out if it's worse to get punched in the face or to have hitting a cyclist on your driving record. Maybe he thought he was doing OP a favor by not calling the cops. Although I'm not sure I believe this FML. I got hit by a car once when I was riding my bike. I was crossing the road. I thought the driver had seen me, but he started inching forward from a stop when I was in front of him. I was badly bruised, but I was able to hop back up and assure the driver I was alright. My bike, on the other hand, had a twisted frame and bent wheels. I couldn't ride it anymore. I don't see how this guy could have hopped back on his bike and ridden away, even if the car just tapped him. That's several thousand pounds on the bike, even if it's just a light tap, and bikes aren't designed for that kind of impact. I'll say this though: if this is true, that is one resilient cyclist!

You hate cyclists because one guy got angry at being in an accident? I don't condone his behaviour but don't judge a whole group of people on the actions of a few. That's stupid and (if you're annoyed with certain cyclists because they assume all drivers are rude, idiots) just as bad.

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People like this make the "hit and run" option seem more attractive and reasonable.

On the bright side, at least you didn't kill someone. :D

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#3, I do, too. It's not like "the ground" is such an obscure term familiar only to those "in the know." (I was going to write "cognoscenti," but that would have sounded pretentious . . . oops.)

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you did your part of trying to help him and make sure hes okay and he was just being a jerk. Good job OP