By Anonymous - 11/09/2010 04:53 - United States

Today, I was moving. While packing, I found an old photo that had been laying face down in the bottom of a drawer for some time, and some of the ink transfered to the drawer lining. There is now an image of my ex-girlfriend's face permanently burned into the bottom of my nightstand drawer. FML
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perdix 29

So, she's been watching you in bed the whole time. Now, she'll be watching you as long as you own that nightstand. Creepy.

sarabellum93 0

get a new dresser?


KarinaLizeth18 5

awww OP that sux :/ hahaha I'd hate to have to look at my ex's face everytime I open a drawer >:/

ifyouseekamy666 0

haha her face is probly right next to the condoms now xD

paint over it? problem solved ;)

Draw a penis on her face.. Makes it even better..

ifyouseekamy666 0

Hybrid Theory as in the Linkin Park cd? OMG I EFFING LOVE THEM!!!!!! <33333

That is where you store the condoms.

Burn the nightstand. Sounds to me that bitch is playing with voodoo shit. Watch your back, it could get worse.

Oh, i forgot to add my attempt a humour; Sounds like she made a real impression in the bedroom!

pinkpillowz 0

it would be awsome if it wasn't her face....

Ahahahah! That's gotta suck.

14 - id live 2 paint ur boobs haha jk love u (friend love)

that's what I was going to say...

that sucks!!

sucks 4 You Lol

DarkWaffle 0

no it doesnt..just paint over it?

KingDingALing 9

Yeah OP, just color over it with marker or paint over it. Not an fml.

SmallTownCutie 0

it does suck. poor op:(

burn the drawer

Paint over it, or just put stuff in it. It IS a dresser with drawers.

Draw a mustache on it.

it does suck. get a sticker or paint over it retard. 

klumzy0123456789 6

paint it

roxyluv 0

burn baby burn  and wtf everytime i try to post u guys are interfering

lol that happened to me too!

sarabellum93 0

get a new dresser?

sarabellum93 0


Just paint over his ex-girlfriend's face. :D

or use paper drawer liner to cover it.

ik it's not that hard to fix.

Vinnadizzio 8

Or just spray paint over her face....

You could probably scrape the ink off or repaint it, really it's not a big deal.

perdix 29

So, she's been watching you in bed the whole time. Now, she'll be watching you as long as you own that nightstand. Creepy.

HairyPunisher 27

Perdix, you really fucking suck. Seriously you need to stop posting.

ooh. that is not so good..

Get new ones if it bothers you so much. When you put stuff in there though, it'll just cover it up, so really it's no big deal.

like_its_ya_bday 0

exactly my point

he could just paint over it.

Graawr 7

Her face will haunt you day or night. XD