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Today, my wife packed my lunch. Inside of my lunchbox was a photo of her eating my sandwiches. FML
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whackingsoup 9

I know what I'm doing next time someone expects me to pack their lunch;)


TheElBurrrito 21
Philerup31 12

Forget the chips. This reminds me of Family Guy when Meg opened her lunch and saw a picture of Louise eating her food. Hmmmm

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

"Oh pb&j with the crusts cut off! What'd you get meg?" "Your crust... And a picture of mom eating a turkey leg."

Same here, I think either they watch too mich Family Guy or this was a rip-off fml.

whackingsoup 9

You know what else is awesome!?! Time travel!! Look at the time stamp on the comments. Reads 1/3/13 instead of 3/1/13!! Mind State: Officially Blown

theninja1800 11

Did anyone think of that family guy episode where Lois does that to meg? Haha

Mind not blown, as in many countries, the dates are written dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy. And yes, my sarcasmeter is not fully functioning today.

56-Ha Good catch. I completely ignored most replies and stated this by replying to the first comment. I credit you first sir.

Wow. You Americans are so ignorant. The world doesn't evolve around you.

I believe the word you're looking for is "revolve"...but darn were you so close!

I know what I'm doing next time someone expects me to pack their lunch;)

I know what someone will do next time someone asks them for money.

vadaaa 11

30- they'll give the person a picture of them.. Eating the money?

crazytwinsmom 25

30, you're assuming they have to ask for money. This isn't 1950.

That's what you get for expecting a woman to make you a sandwich!

You make it sound like he forced her to pack his lunch. I really hope that your comment is not serious.

You're not from the Internet, are you? Of course I'm not being serious.

ninjasmurf09 5

I'm just throwing this out there, you look like zooey deschanel

Yourheadache 19

#47 you look like slenderman.

47- you're the third person to say that! Thank you!

wlddog 14

84 is hot. Snooki just looks weird compared to 84.

Yourheadache 19

Snooki is a rare breed of oompa loompa. Although "rare" isn't the correct word. She is more of a freak mutation that should never have been allowed to live or multiply. Now, she's famous. Go figure.

Well, that's another FML going straight to my favourites. c:

woiz 11

she's one month a head ...April fool !!!!

teamlightskin 14

Yu were eating her sandwhich!! I like the idea she had going though

"When I said I wanted to eat light to keep my figure, I didn't mean this!"