By Anonymous - 09/06/2014 21:20 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I went to work in my best outfit for the big corporate party we were having later in the day. When I arrived, my boss said, "You missed one hell of a party yesterday!" Shit. FML
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I think you took fashionably late too far...

That sucks. be sure to check your calender next time op


Maybe he had a different party the day before...?

lindsey stirling!!!!

Or maybe a wrong date on purpose kind of thing?

More like Lindsay Lohan...

how many steps were you dropped down?

Not that much of an FML.

That sucks. be sure to check your calender next time op

I think you took fashionably late too far...

better late than never!

Liz Taylor is rolling around in her grave...

Well he obviously wasn't mad you didn't show up. All you did was just miss one hell of a party!

I don't think that's what OP was worried about.

Well, I bet you looked great!

OP if you beat yourself over this can you film it repeating "stop hitting yourself" and share said video?

don't worry OP there will be more parties in the future!

That's like telling someone there are plenty of fish in the sea. Doesn't change the fact they missed the party they were looking forward to.

so she should beat her self for one party?

Yes, really. You could say that mixing up your dates therefore missing a great party is unlucky.

Well you could say you showed up fashionably late

at least you looked real good that day

I swear I read an FML pretty similar to this in the random section a while back.

There is. I saw it in random the other day. This is exactly the same, just re-worded...Can't stand this.