By Anonymous - 17/06/2016 23:29 - United Kingdom - Cannock

Today, thanks to the unholy power of autocorrect, I told my mother-in-law that "crispy dick" is on the menu tonight. FML
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Well, now you have to follow through. There is no other course of action.

Well, that ducking sucks.


Well, now you have to follow through. There is no other course of action.

WavRace 14

Auto correct knew exactly what to say

andrmac 25

Go to the butcher maybe they have some you can crisp up for her.

Why is that in your phone? I want to know the story behind that...

Probably supposed to be "crispy duck."

In my experience, autocorrect never corrects to bad words. If I spell fuck wrong, as I often do, and type "fick" it never corrects me. I can only assume that OP typed duck as fuck by accident and that autocorrect didn't correct him. ?

Well damn... Awks

What are you even trying to say?

Well, that ducking sucks.

Stop that was horrible go to he'll

he'll be coming round the mountain?

jgriff79 23

I feel sorry for your husband's manhood!

Did she says whether she wants a large set or a small one?

My question is what was that replacing in the first place?

He probably meant to say crispy dick Duck*

Welcome to Le Telepathé!


I love this website. These comment replies are why.

I see no problem with this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Being a man, I do. The easiest way to get something crispy is to fry it, and that is one area that you don't want anywhere near that much heat.

Sorry OP but that's a dick move on autocorrect's part.