By lambxox - 08/11/2010 09:04 - United States

Today, when I signed into Amazon, their top recommendation for me based on past purchases was "The Brave Little Toaster" on DVD. FML
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You think your life is ****** because Amazon is telling you to buy an amazing movie? You don't deserve an internet connection.

Care to explain what else you've been buying?


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i dont see the problem the brave little toaster is awesome :/

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I would have been thrilled to get the brave little toaster. it's, like, one of the best movies ever made.

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OP isn't cool enough to understand the awesomeness of the movie.. But his/her "fml" made me remember about the movie, and I have it loading right now :D !

exactly what I was thinking #15. damn kids.

What's wrong with you Op?! that movie is awesome!

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I used to love that movie! :)

Exactly. This FML could be a MLIA! Just look at it differently.

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I use to watch that movie over and over when I was a little kid. my mom said I would watch it everyday.

just looked at mine. 1. Ipod stand 2. D&D monster manual 3. D&D player manual... awsome. im such a stud lol

saw mine: it says Texas cowboys bobble head if a player.... I'm a philedephia eagle fan. fMl

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lookin fine there miss sunshine

@136 would you prefer it if it were... blue ?

Care to explain what else you've been buying?

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Look at me! I made your list!!!! Yea!

hahaha I was like WTF? I thought you had made a list down there somewhere about what else OP could have purchased :P I couldn't find it, then realised what you meant :)

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No-no. I was directly re-applying to you. I tend to follow the FML rules for the most part.(:

Marinus, might I suggest you add KaySL to the list? Otherwise he/she may rape you in the ass with a toilet brush. Again.

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You were unconscious the first time. We all had fun. Including the gerbil.

hey hot dude! care to give me ur email?

Not here. Send me a PM Oh, you meant marinus. Nevermind. Stupid marinus with his stupid broad chest and rippling pecs.

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@141 - They call me "Pervy Sage!!!!" Erm... How old did you say you were again?

wow ur life sucks, but what could u have bought for it to end up like this?????

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How is this an fml in any way?

dtbomb 3

join him how? if your referring to my comment all I did was ask why it made this person's life be fd

How in the hell is this an FML? That movie is a classic.

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Yeah, I don't see how horrible this is. So OP has bought classic children's movies in the past. I enjoy finding things I watched as a child on DVD, considering how many VHS tapes we lost in Katrina. What I really want to know is, when the piss did they put "The Brave Little Toaster" out on DVD?!

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OP you poor bastard, your life is completely ******. ydi

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like OMG what a life changing experience then again your from France your most likely gay.