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Today, I went to my parents' place to visit. My ex-boyfriend's photo is on the fridge, but there aren't any photos of my husband or any of our wedding photos. FML
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perhaps you should provide some photos then

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it's so hard to think of something clever to say on first comment

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it's hart to think of a clever comment on the firs

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your parents are cheating on your hub with your ex


maybe you should give them some updated pics.

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maybe your mom has a crush on your ex.

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maybe your mom has been banging your ex.

I saw a documentary about pictures once. They ate the fridge.

perhaps you should provide some photos then

But you see, that would just be too logical and the smart thing to do. Not OP's style. She'd rather whine on the internet.

You just made my morning with that reply. haha

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#2 could have a point. You could provide more pictures. And yes, YDI if you let obsession with your now-husband when you were dating blind you from seeing that he compared in no way to your ex-boyfriend. Now if you could take an unbiased look at your ex and your husband, and the guy you chose is better, then perhaps your parents should have gotten to know him a bit better while you were dating. It's never too late though. Unless he is a loser with no social skills or respectable career, and that's why they don't care for him.

2/21, it's possible OP -did- supply more pictures and the parents simply refused to put them up.

Have you actually asked for them to be taken down? If so, then your parents are hinting something. If not, then your parents might have forgotten it's there, or think you don't mind remembering him. Also, what else is on that photo? If it's a group photo then it might be for the rest of the people on it.

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Cinn, not that I don't agree with you but maybe the parents just like the ex boyfriend. Yes, it's an awkward situation BUT I'm pretty sure OP doesn't live with them and it's not her choice whether the picture comes down or not. Besides is it that big of deal? My mum to this day talks more to my ex girlfriend than me since they have more in common.

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my wife's ex keeps in email contact with my mother in law but he's never tried to come between my wife or her family and I. actually from what I hear he is a nice dude and I feel bad sometimes that I stole her from him. Sorry Dude, but he has to admit by now that we are perfect together.

You both have a point there. When I said 'have you asked them to take it down' it wasn't because I felt the OP had a right to decide what happened, but that if the parents didn't realise it bothered her so much (for whatever reason, maybe a bad breakup, I dunno) they might just have left it. But you are right, it might be because they still talk to him and like him for who he is, not that he used to date the OP.

They don't necessarily have to talk to the ex more than they do their daughter, if they do at all. They may have just preferred how the guy acted. *shrug*

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I'm pretty sure ops point that she is trying to convey is that her mom obviously cares about her ex boyfriend and not her husband.

And I was simply trying to provide a suggestion as to why that might not be the case. Yes, it might well be the case, iand if it is the OP can deal with it by knowing which one she picked and why. There must be reasons.

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They love your ex boyfriend more than your husband. Sorry. Do what #2 says

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Oh 2 bad, draw a curly mustache on him:)

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no way number 9.. and OP take the pic down. damn it's not that hard.


I agree. it's not like it's super glued taped and there for good. it's not hard to take it down. YDI!

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You always redecorate your parents house? Thats awful rude, hmmm, besides they may care for the ex more than the son-in-law. Op you may wanna talk to your parents. I know it's their house but maybe you could work something out.

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it's more rude to have a pic of ur daughters ex when she's over with her husband on the fridge. I would def. take that shit down. they care for the ex so much they can keep it in there room or something. lol.

I concur, take it down. respect is a two way street if op's parents don't respect their daughters decision then she can disrespect them.