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By  mykon_fml  |  0

well they might have been doing other things. just they had to check something on this phone they picked it up and looked at it. while doing what they needed to do the reminder came up. so they coulda just finished having sex for all u know checking the time.

  TheOptimist  |  0

I hope she didn't dump him. OP should have found out what that meant exactly, then decided what to do. He may just be lying to her because he wants a bit of space and to spend the first night of the weekend alone, but not want to offend his girlfriend by telling her he just doesn't want to hang out. OP could be very clingy for all we know. Maybe he has one of those period calenders on his phone/iPod, and Friday is when OP is supposed to have her period. Also, he typed her in as "babe", even though no one was supposed to have read that except for himself, so he probably still loves OP. But if he is doing it to cheat, FYL OP, fuck it hard.


To The Optimist: It doesn't matter if all he wanted was "space," because if he's the kind of person who doesn't have the balls to tell the truth, then fuck him. He's not worth it. Think of what else he could lie about, just so he "doesn't hurt her feelings..."

By  xMooMoox  |  0

Maybe they were watching a video on it? Or looking at pictures? Or watching tv (some have it, although I'm not sure why you wouldn't watch a regular tv at home?). I mean I doubt they (if this is true) were just staring at it.
The bigger thing then "watching his cell phone", which you all are freaking out about, is why would he set a reminder? Is he that stupid? He can't remember on Friday when you actually ask? He's going to forget to lie and be like oh fucking this sweet thing? Thats why I think this could be false, don't forget to lie cause you could tell the truth about what naughty thing your doing!