By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend who's sick, he told me he felt sleepy due to meds and was going to bed. I jokingly said, "you're going to call your other girlfriend, aren't you?" There was silence before I heard, "you weren't supposed to find out like this." FML
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  Hazu_fml  |  0

wow your right if you had to find out that way I'm sorry a guy that cheats is not worth you relationship for. all cheater need to be burned alive for the sins they have committed.

  cherylface  |  13

Actually, I'm pretty sure most of the posts like this on FML are jokes taken out of context. Like the co-worker who wanted the OP to call him King Kong.

By  akaashR  |  0

AND THAT'S WHY BITCHES KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. No but seriously you couldve enjoyed what was a relationship, but you had to make a weak joke and turn things to shits :/