By Anonymous - 16/09/2010 04:12 - United States

Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend who's sick, he told me he felt sleepy due to meds and was going to bed. I jokingly said, "you're going to call your other girlfriend, aren't you?" There was silence before I heard, "you weren't supposed to find out like this." FML
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Lifes_a_bust 0

what a douche... FYI op

Graawr 7

That sucks op. Its time to say goodbye to him.


Lifes_a_bust 0

what a douche... FYI op

stephanie0613 0

i agree what a total moron ! i would kick his ass !

ShadyFTW1 0

this made me lol... but still that sucks balls OP

He's an uber douche :L FYL OP.

DineshKarthikesu 0

Turns out your bf REALLY is sick.

i laughed aswell ... xD he's a dick though

zerobahamut03 2

wow some men are asshats...imagine there being 2 in a relationship... /sigh :(

pimplayer 0

sorry op fyl move on but beat that bitches ass ! *meow*

ladykat 0

59 I love your *meow* haha I meow all the time outside of FML

xxxbooxxx 16

:O that's my word!! :|

aadk 0

59 - I can't take your comment regarding this situation with a username like pimplayer haha cmon

aadk 0

whoops I mean I can't take your comment seriously

#98 Haha so tru :p

Graawr 7

That sucks op. Its time to say goodbye to him.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

aww give the dude a break it's medication induced drunk dial. No need to break it off but you should give him shit for about it for a couple weeks.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

I didn't read it right. your right he's an ahole...dump him.

Hazu_fml 0

wow your right if you had to find out that way I'm sorry a guy that cheats is not worth you relationship for. all cheater need to be burned alive for the sins they have committed.

Ariasmake_1 0

wow that sucks! sorry op.

ohshitsaywaayyy should have said something witty backkk

zona117 0

hahaha nice reaction but yea that's messed up in a funny way

AlexHD 4

For the love of god use some grammar!

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probably that was a joke!

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Alesana_Love 0

if it was a joke I don't think they would be posting it on FML

35,you never know. she couldve posted right after he said it or something. then found out he was kidding.

Actually, I'm pretty sure most of the posts like this on FML are jokes taken out of context. Like the co-worker who wanted the OP to call him King Kong.


DarkHelmet 10

hahahahahaha ouch

WOW. fyl for sure. Kill him with kindness so him just what he's going to be losing.

AND THAT'S WHY BITCHES KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. No but seriously you couldve enjoyed what was a relationship, but you had to make a weak joke and turn things to shits :/

dear 13, it's not a relationship if one person is CHEATING. it's a f-n lie that the othe person has been sucked up int believing.

Um, if he's really cheating, things are "shits" already anyway.

What the Fuck? It's a good relationship if the other person doesn't find out if you're cheating? What are you smoking man?

Yeah, I feel like this is a case where ignorance isn't bliss. I would much rather know if my boyfriend were cheating rather than being blissfully unaware.