By turning red - 27/07/2013 01:14 - United States

Today, my phone went off, reminding me to take my birth control. Instead of vibrating as per usual, it rang. The ringtone had been changed to my boyfriend singing "It's birth control time, birth control time, take your pill, or I'll say it ain't mine." I was sitting in a quiet waiting room. FML
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That's pretty funny. I hope you have a sense of humor. I also hope you know how to get revenge


#28 its their decision, there's nothing wrong with that.

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And only a few weeks earlier, these kinds of comments were buried. FML is an enigma.

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Your boyfriends a keeper!! Hilarious. But I hate the sound of a ringing phone. Drives me insane so my phone is always on silent as well so I can see where you're coming from.

that's hilarious!! tale the joke and roll with it. When you have a chance, playfully get him back ;-)

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I'm pretty sure that type of ringtone, mixed with OP's surprise and embarrassment, amused everyone in that waiting room. I'm sure they all went home and told this story to someone.

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Oh wow lol I'm sure u will laugh about it later

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Yeah OP, I dont care how embarassing it was at the time - thats hysterical, and your boyfriend is too.

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And he's creative enough to come up with a song for it, too!

That's pretty funny. I hope you have a sense of humor. I also hope you know how to get revenge

It was the first FML in a long time that I actually laughed at. I agree with everyone else. He is a definite keeper. Don't let him go.

Let's hope it wasnt a birthing clinic's waiting room.

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I don't think reminders would be necessary...

the "or I'll say it ain't mine" part sucks but it's funny otherwise

That bit is clearly just a joke, this guy obviously isn't serious about everything otherwise he wouldn't have played this prank

Lol that's actually rather humorous, although an unfortunate location. Hope you have a good sense of humor OP!!

Could have been worse, what if she was with her parents and they don't know she's bumping uglies with this guy

Bumping Uglies? Is that what they say sex is now? I can never keep up with you kids and your nutty urban jargon-lingo.

41, I feel like if she was young enough to be told what to do by her parents, she'd probably be in the waiting room with her parents and they would probably have to know about her being on birth control.

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48- I refuse to call sex anything other than dipping winkies, and occasionally smashing pissers, or crotch boxing.

Your boyfriend is pretty funny and if I were in that waiting room, I'd probably be laughing at that.

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Having said that, he sounds like he's got a charming sense of humor, keep him. :P

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