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By Zebracat - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was watching TV and started freaking out thinking I forgot to wish my boyfriend a happy anniversary. I wrote him a text and after I'd sent it, I realized that the date is mine and my ex's anniversary date. FML
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Infamous_Hawk 6

Haha I bet he didn't remember either.

Honest mistake. It could have happen to anyone still in love with their ex....i mean it could happen to anyone...


NineFishMffns_fml 0

Today my girlfriend greeted me "Happy Anniversary!" Our anniversary was last month. FML.

Flyin_Turtle14 0

haha really? you were freaking out over that?

Finn_the_human 5

I bet you can convince him that it is your guys anniversary.

Don't worry about it. He won't know anyway!

Person000 0

text him saying, "woops that was supposed to go to my friend whose anniversary is today "

staceysgenesis16 0

haha yeah i would make up a lie real quick baha but YDI for being stupid -.-

littlemissFYL 5

it does suck #1 lol. you're a lovely girlfriend, OP.

Infamous_Hawk 6

Haha I bet he didn't remember either.

He didn't have to, since it wasn't their anniversary anyways.

yeah but being a guy there is a good chance he started freaking out about what he was going to buy. I wouldn't worry op; i'd say he didn't know either

Yes, because every guy forgets their anniversary... oh crap it's my anniversary today!! D: *runs to .99 store to get a present* XP

theten_fml 9

*runs to AM PM since the 99cents store is closed*

Infamous_Hawk 6

Avenged Sevenfold (the band AND #54) FTW

not only that, but I'm sure if he did remember and confronted her about it, she could easily be like... not our dating anniversary ... start crying and make up some bullshit that she will get to celebrate every year from then on.

sounds like a serious case of being hung up on the past

awesomeloser14 0

*cough* dumb-ass *cough* you remember out and ex's anniversary but not your current boyfriends and yours. sad.

Honest mistake. It could have happen to anyone still in love with their ex....i mean it could happen to anyone...

yeah but makes the person you are currently with feel like a rebound. so honest mistake or not it was still a stupid one.

lionandthelamb61 9

Don't apologize, she's just exceptionally dense.

**** off 61 and take the tampon out of your ass I wasn't even rude to them I was just saying. no reason for you to be a cum guzzling thunder **** about it

101 it would be great If u could stop being a bitch! I hope you stop commenting on fmls soon because u are one of those douches who thinks every one deserves it and you are perfect.

cldean24 4

Agreed 61, I haven't read one funny, witty, interesting or smart comment from that girl. She probably doesn't know what sarcasm means.

what ever. I can't believe they allow children on this app.

you know I don't know why I'm being attacked to begin with. I wasn't rude to 18 I wasn't mean to the I was just giving my opinion. I would like to know wtf I did to y'all to deserve this? and no I don't think I'm perfect in far from it.

kbtoyz69 9
xoxfall2piecesxx 0

Wow guys stop being assholes. Grow up. She didn't even do anything.

staceysgenesis16 0

wow leave the gurl alone !! jeezz !! so mean she didnt do nuthin

u deserve to b alone. if it income wit an ex ful r u doin n another

oh that's just messed up dude and it still means your in love with your ex, I guess you guys haven't been dating that long to remember it yet or your just that bad of a girlfriend...

oh ouch!!! give him head when he comes home lol

even head wouldn't make him feel emotionally better about something like this. this is an ego punch. once the ego is damaged, you ****** up pretty bad. OP, your boyfriend deserves better. I hope he dumps you.

Devin91 20

c'mon 21 it's not like they're engaged or married. I reckon the boyfriend would forgive very easily... hell I'd even greet him naked with a beer! ;). As for the other two above I'm single lol ;)

You my friend, win. I'm sure 99.9% of guys would easily forget the mistake. 20 being the only obvious exception.

lionandthelamb61 9

You're single?? Why don't you just cut to the chase and post your name, address, and phone number?

Don't forget Social Security Number please..

Autoshot 9

25, this isn't eHarmony.. I guess for now you're going to have to remain single and pathetic.

this string of comments makes me ache. so this is how society is, yeah? momma bunny is disheartened <3

thanks for your input 77. I might be single, not pathetic and enjoying my freedom! where are peoples sense of humour?

ok and now I realise that comment wasn't for me... even so, 25 was kidding I'm sure ;)

kbtoyz69 9

kbtoyz winked at you. Click here if you'd like to wink back.

97 - You saying "I'm single" to a bunch of guys who you don't know, does make you look pathetic, actually. Even if you were kidding, you still made yourself look a bit desperate.

single and enjoying it trust me!! and if I were desperate and pathetic I'd have more info about me etc.


can u give ME head. i gotta chubby

j0k3r2213 0

LOL your really funny chicka :)