By suckstobefat - 22/01/2012 06:10 - Canada

Today, I found out that the daily "vitamins" that my dad has been giving me for the last three months were actually weight loss pills. FML
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Put a couple of Viagra pills in his coffee before he goes to work in the morning.

dulayole 6

At least you might have lost weight


snowmount07 6

Hey, it could be worse

How do you send messages to people on this app? ? ily

You can't on the app... I know! Sucks right? You can in safari I think though.

Ashhy is a blonde...

GoW_Chick 14

I'm still trying to figure out who she loves, and why... Did you really you have to put "ily" at the end of your pointless post?

godofswag 6

agreed imagine if it was acid that be fuckin awesome

At least it wasn't birth control pills.

Or Male Enhancement pills!

It could be laxatives. . .

Don't be complaining!

msjoyfull84 0

How? Poison in ops coffee?!?

dulayole 6

At least you might have lost weight

Yea, look on the bright side of things!

SecretMe00 5

From experience, I think OP would have felt some effects from the diet pill, whereas most vitamins don't really give you any noticeable symptoms.

pinkcrayola 0

46, It probably depends on the pill. I'm pretty sure a lot of them have no effect whatsoever, and are just for the companies to make money.

2- Nice prof pic. OFWGKTADGAF

yeah, did they work?

He was just thinking of you!

If I was overweight, I'd honestly be pretty happy about that. And it's not like you don't know you are. (I assume.)

Here's a better idea, Op's dad should have been straight up with him/her. Instead of doing all the secrecy shit. Open relationship is better between the child and parent but that's just me.

it's heartbreaking but don't be so pessimistic!

I don't think you can have an optimistic FML though...

take the hint

zuzupetalsYO 11


JordanDempsey 20

Yeah, but not mean

doctor__who 19

147 How do you know?

GVirdi 11

Are they working ok?

OPs pain make me think so.

Ha well did ya lose it?

thats so mean! dad should have spoken to OP if he/she needs to lose a few lbs, rather than pull such a nasty stunt!

Acually I think it was a bit rude of him but OPs dad probably didn't want to hurt their feelings.

Put a couple of Viagra pills in his coffee before he goes to work in the morning.

That comment = win

Nextlinebitch 0

Lmao :)

No, it should be a female enhancement pill...

That would be hard on him

msjoyfull84 0

Nair in his shampoo.

bizarre_ftw 21

73 & 118 both of those are quite harmful, the little blue happy pills are more on the level of his fuck up

But he still deserves it, #107, just like the Ravens failed field goal attempt, with 11 seconds left in AFC game vs. NE Patriots, 23-20, loosing to the Pats, GO PATS!! WIN IN INDY!!

Yeah Pats!!

shepdog123 0

I am confused how this comment went from putting vigra in coffee to football lol

Cuz The Ravens deserved their Epic Fail of a game tying field goal from 31yards out, with 11 seconds left, and lost, which is sending the New England Patriots to Super Bowl 46!! Ravens=EPIC FAIL!!

Better than your dad giving you viagra for a week as a joke. God I thought there was something wrong with me.....

BeckyPulito 0

For real? Lol! you must have been relieved to find out what was really going on...and pissed. Did you retaliate?

GoW_Chick 14

Just wait until he's gone, and switch your "vitamins" with his Viagra pills, it's revenge at it's lowest.

JustCallMePic 2

Just hope she doesn't sprout an erect penis from the interference of the vaginal wave.

GoW_Chick 14

I think there has been a sudden case of 'I lost my funny bone-ides', either that or it's to early in the morning for jokes I guess.

Viagra could kill her That's just friggin stupid Now doing something to him may be an answer

GoW_Chick 14

^ See it's an epidemic! It was a JOKE you know hardy har har, I wasn't suggesting she take the Viagra after she switched them.

Why would you even assume that her dad has Viagra pills?!

GoW_Chick 14

... because old guys need to get it up for some loving too!

What if OP is a male?