By blotchy-girl - New Zealand
Today, my sister thought it would be funny to spray my face with my new tanning spray, which is only supposed to be used on arms and legs. I woke up and looked in the mirror to see an orange blotchy face staring back at me. My parents can't look at me without laughing. FML
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  beestmode360  |  0

Has anyone noticed that people here get really really angry in a first paragraph that they write, then they like take a space, and then become really sympathetic and empathetic? if you ask me its just pathetic.
fuck you no. x, we're supposed to be carnivores. i hate you go kill yourself.

Anyways, OP, that really sucks i was a vegan for three days. it was awesome

How stupid and idiotic must a person be to have to completely different tones in the same response. Sometimes freedom of speech should be restricted for idiots like the people here.

  xohollyxo20  |  0

That happened to me once. When i was in middle school i took my brothers fake tanning stuff and put it on my face because i didnt know and the next day i had to go to school with an orange blotch face and neck. It stayed for quite a while.

By  SusanaSaysRawrxD  |  0

Lemon and a brillo pad xD
Well, a really hard loofah or something :P
oh, and maybe you should take a hint from the other FMLs and do the Nairobi thing. Or 'accidently' spray some mace in her face, thinking it was perfume :D
3 Cheers for sweet revenge xD

By  RelayGraham  |  0

YTDI: I was teching a bodybuilder competition at my High School. Everyone wore spray on tans, which got the entire school tan. The spray made one guy look like the Oscars trophy. I feel that spray on tan should be outlawed.
-Luckily, I didn't have to clean the tan off the toilets in the bathroom.