By Anonymous - 11/09/2013 13:29 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, I was asked to leave a church service for laughing at the kids trying to sing. FML
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They're children. Not only are they just learning to sing, but they're brave for getting up in front of an audience. You deserve it.

Everyone learns to sing at some point! Don't laugh, you probably sound just as bad.


Everyone learns to sing at some point! Don't laugh, you probably sound just as bad.

It is in part an inborn ability, I think. It is honed through learning and practice, though. That being said, still shouldn't laugh at kids singing.

Yeah thats what i thought too. Until i was asked to leave a christmas sermon while everyone was singing. Several people near me started to laugh out loud. we had to pause the sermon and i was asked to leave because my singing caused a "disturbance" and i was accused of trying to ruin the whole thing. I was hoping that at 22 years i would have learnt something, but i guess not..

I'm sorry, maybe he/she sounds just as bad but he/she doesn't go on singing and trying to impress anyone by his voice.. though doesn't make the fact that he was asked to leave any less deserved.

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What I was going to say. OP is an ass for that, ydi and you probably don't even sound better than them.

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Is it possible that OP wasn't making a "THIS IS SO BAD KILL YOURSELVES" laugh, but instead was making a "This is so cute" laugh?

#112 if he were, he probably wouldn't have put it in the words he did.

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I wish I could vote YDI twice on this one. OP, you're kind of a terrible person.

stfu! i thinks its awesome! and hilarious. laughter is a knee jerk reaction, just as i laughed at this fml, he laughed at kids singing. stop hating

They're children. Not only are they just learning to sing, but they're brave for getting up in front of an audience. You deserve it.

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#2, they also need to learn to handle criticism. If they didn't get negative feedback for singing badly, what would be their incentive to practice and improve? The OP was driving these kids to greatness!

Fair enough, but laughing at children isn't constructive criticism, it's just nasty.

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#52, sadly, not all criticism is constructive. If you're going to be in show business, you have to endure all types.

Singing in church is hardly a precursor to show business.

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#68, really??? Ask Beyoncé or Jennifer Hudson or Whitney Houston where they got their starts. Yeah, it's show-biz.

Sure, I'll ask Whitney Houston. Just let me go gather a seyonce together real quick.

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#75, does seyonce rhyme with Beyoncé?

Its a church. People enjoy seeing kids perform. While I think church is a useless, outdated institution, other people are free to spend their Sundays how they want. However, laughing at children trying to perform is rude.

I'm not surprised you feel that way 91, most queer dragons tend to be atheist.

They're singing at church, not trying to be Beyonće

I'm so glad Thundering Jibbs, leading expert on queer dragons, is here to clarify.

81: that was actually a quite accidental yet functional misspelling. Good catch.

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Never beforr has an avatar worked so perfectly with a comment.

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Go directly to hell. Do not pass the collection plate. Do not pray for forgiveness.

3 - 70+ and counting. Way to go on a first comment!

Why were you laughing at them? They're just kids, OP!

Sometimes those kids are honestly hilarious... Picking their noses, and wiping it on their friends, etc, etc... but it sounds like OP just thought they lacked in signing skills.

Yeah, I wasn't all that great at sign language, either. Especially with all those boogers on my fingers.

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Couldn't you have just held in the laughter?

I always have the problem that I can't stop laughing or stay quiet when I know I should. I laugh when people get hurt (from the fright), I can't stop laughing when something isn't funny at all etc. OP might have the same problem?

or maybe you and op have a mean sense of humor?

That they'd respect him for doing so and declare him the reincarnation of Jesus.

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Not cool not cool! Gods watching!!

Hmm yeah, and so is Father Christmas..

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You heartless asshole. Coming here for sympathy is now your 2nd mistake. They're just kids! You ass.

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I wouldn't go as far as calling them a heartless asshole. I remember when I was a youngin at church I had to go up and sing a song I had no damn clue what it was. I lip synced the whole time, all the while my grandparents and my mom and dad laughed their asses off at me. I sure as hell would have laughed at myself. Little kids singing is cute as a button and sometimes you can't help but let out a little chuckle. It's may be a little mean, but damn if it isn't funny.

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Woah.. My bad. I was responding to olpally but his comment god deleted so mine ended up here? Apologies, my comment is way out of context now. Carry on mods, carry on..

Laugh at the kids trying to twerk, not the ones singing at church, OP.

Oh hey, that kinda rhymed :) I made myself happy.

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#9, except if the kid in named Miley Cyrus, in which case, retching and wincing are the acceptable reactions.

No, she's legal...not that anyone would tap that.

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Wreck it Wralph wouldn't wreck that.

I was at a talent thingy and there were these kids breakdancing and then they tried to twerk... I lol'ed

Because kid's talent shows are called "talent thingy"s Lol

You should have said that you were laughing out of happiness from knowing that these kids had earned their place in heaven with their angelical voices. Ah, who am I kidding? Saying that you were being an asshole is more believable and accurate.