By Smirky - 13/02/2017 02:30 - India - Bangalore

Today, while walking down the aisle of a movie theatre, I passed gas so loudly that the audience missed the climax of the film laughing at me. FML
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Movie went from a horror to a comedy real fast.

The return of Smell-o-Vision!


Next time you need to sell tickets!

The return of Smell-o-Vision!

Movie went from a horror to a comedy real fast.

Bonk182 2

why is this a FML this is an achievement! unless your a chick then it's a little gross but still

runswithlions 3're one of those guys...

When I was in like 4th grade, I belched so loud the whole cafeteria became quiet. I feel you OP.

Must have been a shitty movie

I'm curious to know why you would be walking down the aisle during the climax of the film. Bathroom emergency, one hopes.

species4872 19

Bollywood, you probably done them a favour.

That's Fucking awesome

I blame the curry.