By sisco2901 - 22/01/2012 09:12 - Slovakia

Today, my recent ex-girlfriend posted a photo of herself on Facebook. It was a picture of herself in the arms of a half-naked male stripper. She posted it on my wall. FML
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Wow she's so desperate she has to hire a stripper.... I'd say you dodged a bullet


Wouldn't be any better if it was a female stripper

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No because then OP would realize what he missed out on

And that just shows she has no self respect. Stupid ****

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I just have point out that OP's username is sisco.... Anyone else remember the thong song?

Post a picture of you banging a prostitute on her wall. Bam! Problem solved.

take a picture with a half naked girl stripper...and post it on her wall...and 29 ur a turd

Photoshop her into the arms of a half-naked female stripper?

I think it would have been better if it was a female stripper.

desireev 17

29- There isn't a damn thing wrong with "strippers".. I don't know why people are always bashing dancers! If it weren't for the people who go in to clubs, the dancers wouldn't be dancers. I used to dance. And I danced for a good couple years. There's nothing wrong with dancers unless they are hookin' themselves out. Dancing is an art. And pole dancing is about to become an Olympic sport. So back off! Once again, if it weren't for the people who go in to the Gentlemens Clubs, the dancers wouldn't be dancers.

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Dancing is for girls who have nothin else to live for..... They probably failed out of school and have no future

desireev 17

117- Excuse me?! I used to dance for years. All while holding a full-time job as a CNA, going to school to become a Registered Nurse, and being a full-time Mother to my 3 year old who is medically disabled with Short Bowel Syndrome! That job as a 'stripper' fully paid for ALL of my schooling, my Chevy Truck, my brand ******* new Mazda RX8, my house that I OWN,(fully paid for), AND all of my Childs medical equipment, his health care, and everything a 3 year old would need! Now tell me that 'strippers' have nothing to live for, I failed out of school, and that I have no future! I am a VERY successful person. I have a HUGE future to look forward to! And none of that would have been possible if I wouldn't have done what I did and become a 'stripper'!

So I can make mad money being a male stripper?

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And that's why Facebook offers the 'delete post' function

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I agree with 119. In today's economy, for some women who are struggling financially, stripping is a very viable option. It's good money for short, flexible hours. It's a good way to pay for classes or pay bills while going to school. It's perfectly legal and as long as a stripper isn't engaging in illegal behavior, really, what's wrong with it? It's degrading, you say? Which is more pathetic, taking off your clothes or giving up your hard earned money for some women to take off her clothes? Why are strippers so bad, when it's the men who finance the entire business? Adults should be able to make their own choices for their bodies, as long as all members are consenting adults. But if you judge the stripper, then so too judge the man who paid money to see said stripper.

She was most likely trying to make you jealous. People who do that actually miss your company; perhaps she wants you back, but she's doing it entirely wrong. Unless, you did something to upset her and she's taking revenge? Either way, she should be a lot more mature about the situation and just leave it be.

@ 119 You might have payed for all the things in your life, but you lost your dignity along the way. don't come her and tell us how wonderfull stripping has made your life, because it wasn't your first choice. You had to strip to pay for your bills. You probably wouldn't have even thought about strippin if you didn't have a child at young age (not judging you or anything). stripping isn't the same as dancing. A dancer doesn't take his clothes of to earn money and a stripper does. Since you aren't ashamed of stripping, I assume that you have no problem telling your son (when he gets older) that you used to take your clothes for money?

#144 Sometimes it is people's first choice, you never know. As a wise woman once said: "I may not agree with your views, but I will respect your right to express them." So stop being an uptight bitch and leave desireev alone! I'm sure her son will respect the fact that his mother would do that much to provide for him.

#144 Sometimes it is people's first choice, you never know. As a wise woman once said: "I may not agree with your views, but I will respect your right to express them." So stop being an uptight bitch and leave desireev alone! I'm sure her son will respect the fact that his mother would do that much to provide for him.

desireev 17

124- Short Bowel Syndrome is pretty self explanatory. It's when somebody is missing a length of intestines. In my sons case, he was born missing 90% of his small intestines.

Crap! Stupid ******* Ipod pressed it twice! XD

rldostie 19

How did she lose her dignity? YOU don't get to chose how another individual values their own dignity. Sure, stripping may not be ones first choice, but there are plenty of other jobs that individuals do that aren't their first choice. To some, scrubbing floors wouldn't be their first choice, and some might view it as degrading and losing their dignity to do it. Just because YOU might not think scrubbing a toilet is degrading, that doesn't mean another person would feel the same. Likewise, a person may feel more pride is stripping and earning her own money than, for example, being on welfare or unemployment. How can you presume to tell her which option has more dignity? Your values and your views are yours, and there's nothing wrong with that. But don't try to project them into others, or try to tell someone they've lost their dignity simply because they chose a LEGAL occupation that you don't agree with.

119- if u were so proud of being a stripper you wouldnt be trying defend urself on fml lol. And btw short bowel syndrome is one of the funniest things iv heard of hahaha

desireev 17

144- When it comes to a point in a parents life that you either have to do something another person would call 'degrading', or give your child up because you can't care for them, you're going to do whatever you have to do to pay your bills and care for your child. And the economy is bad, so you can't just waltz in to a workplace and get a job. I started dancing, then I went for my dreams and achieved them. And how dare you accuse me of 'losing my dignity'! I did NOT lose one single bit of my dignity! I stand strong by my decision to dance! And do what you would call 'taking my clothes off for money'! Yes, I did it. Am I ashamed of it? It wasn't the first thing I wanted to do when times got tough, but I did it! So no, I'm not ashamed of it.

desireev 17

It made me such a strong person. And if I wouldn't have done it, I probably would have lost the most important thing in this whole world to me. I didn't do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, unlawful or distasteful. I did not suck dick or have sex or anything of the sort for money. I didn't even dance nude! I was only a topless dancer! Nevertheless, while I was dancing, I just kept telling myself, "Desiree.. Don't give up. You've got this! This will all be worth it in the end!". And it was!! I have a beautiful baby boy that will never go without. I am a successful person. I own everything I have. And I didn't need a ****** man to help me! I did it all by myself. And it wouldn't have been possible without HATERS like you telling me that I can't do it, I'll always be a 'nasty stripper', and I'll never have a future. So thanks! :)

#156 She wasn't defending herself idiot. She was correcting a person that had the ignorant mindset that strippers are poor highschool dropouts. I'm a guy, and I'm not defending her because of my own personal desires. I'm have a girlfriend that I am very in love with, and would never set foot in a strip club. However, I still respect her for her reasons behind doing it.

desireev 17

156- I don't care what you say about me dancing or anything of the sort. But you thinking that a disease that my child was born with is hilarious?? That is ******* sick! You think that a disease that, very unfortunately, happened to an innocent, infant child is hilarious?? My child was born with that disease and will forever suffer from it for the rest of his life. I am just appaled and in shock that you think that is hilarious! I hope someone cuts you open and rips out 90% of YOUR small intestines just so you can feel the pain my child suffers every single day! Having to live off of an IV and a feeding tube. Not being able to eat anything by mouth. Never being able to enjoy the small things such as a slice of pizza, a piece of candy, or a cup of apple juice or milk or soda pop. I wish that upon you! You are ******* sick in your head!!

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now I want to be a stripper. and buy me a lancer evo, oohhh wait i have a lancer evo, and im not stripper im a nurse :)

#166 What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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166- Did you read ANY of desireev's comments? She specifically said that she is (or will soon be) a nurse.

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We're on the Internet, look it up.

Yourheadache, you got some nerve to brag that you have your Mitsubishi lancer evo and that you're a nurse to Desireev, who has been defending her point to idiots like you. Please, tell us more about your accomplishments and great life so we can bash you, COCKFERRET!

Like i said desireev. I wasn't judging you for doing it, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your first comment. You made stripping look like it was a wondefull thing. In your other comments you admitted that it wasn't your first choice and you had to do it to take of your child. I think that its great that you were able to support your child and pay all your bills by yourself. Your other comments made it clear that you weren't to happy about stripping and you had a hard time. @155, I wasn't trying to force my opinion on her. I just said thats she lost her diginity (my opinion). I'm sorry, but next time when i type a comment i will make sure to let everyone know that i'm stating my opinion, just like you are stating yours. This doesn't mean that its true or that everyone agrees with me. It's an opinion and not a fact. Who are you to tell me not to force my opinion up on others, when you are forcing your opinion on me with that comment. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I still stand by my opinion. I think that taking your clothers of or paying another person to do it is degrading. You might not agree with it or like it, but thats how opinions work. Everyone is entitled to one.

Let's be honest here 113. I don't really care if someone is or is not a stripper. My opinion of them doesn't change based on that. However, there isn't anythin artistic about taking off your clothes and THEN dancing. If it is such an art, then people would pay to see you do it with clothes on. As for pole dancing becoming an olympic sport? Before you get your hopes up, you need to remember that it's going in as a TEST EVENT. That doesn't mean it's definitely staying. Squash, cricket, baseball and softball, all sports with millions of supporters, didn't make the cut for the Olympics. What makes you think pole dancing will?

I don't have a problem with you stripping or dancing, not at all, but what I do have a problem with is you defending the name and pride of being a stripper or pole dancer. That, I think, is silly. I don't see any pride in it. I agree, you should be proud that you did what you did to look after your child. That much is admirable as a mother, but don't try and beef up stripping to some kind of art form. It isn't an art form in any way. Stripping is stripping. Good luck with your child though. I hope things turn out well for you both, Desireev.

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166- Because a Mitsubishi Lancer obviously proves you're successful. I don't really care if you drive a damn Ferrari, your arrogance concerning the car you drive and your occupation prove you're a failure no matter what.

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181, Acknowledging that it is your opinion after the fact doesn't make your comment right. You presented an opinion as a fact. 191, People DO pay to see pole dancers who are fully clothed. Theres an entire sport built around it. You should probably make sure you know what you're talking about before trying to shoot something down with assumptions. Desireev, you have to remember FML commenters are usually extremely conservative, or base their opinions on immature emotional logic. There is very little in the way of analytical skills, so don't bother getting too worked up over it. This makes sense since most are either underage or living in their own worlds where they've never been exposed to the realities of life.

He should use it to his advantage by posting a smartass comment and making her look like more of an idiot. Suggestions?

"You didn't tell me your father came to visit!"

"Still a better love story than Twilight."

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Yeah she probably had a crappy time but only went there to get a picture to post on her ex's wall to make him jealous!

"Hey George, still dancing for the ladies I se..HOLY MOLY WHAT'S THAT THING IN YOUR ARMS"

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Creepy.. that's why she's your ex. right?

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She was already his ex and posted the picture on his wall to show she was gettin' some without him. I doubt any girl is enough of a bitch to do that while they're still together

#82 I think #3 meant that in general his ex is creepy, and that this FML is just another example of it.

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Ur really ugly. Oh and stupid

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90- You're one to talk. Sorry, 93 already wrote said that as I was typing. My bad.

quite_bored 9

90- Was that meant to be as ironic as possible?

duckie227 22

90- look in the mirror and say that again

90 - I just got a new idea for my Halloween costume.

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82 Women cheat. It happens, there are indeed some bitches out there. I really want to say something to 90 but I just can't think of something witty that will still have the 'bazinga' effect. However, as a general piece of advice. Telling somebody that they are ugly doesn't make you any prettier. Just makes you seem like an attention ***** and a bitch.

Talk about falling off the ugly tree, #90...

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90- Don't call people ugly, you twat. You're no prize yourself, and who the **** do you think you are to call someone else "stupid" when you type "Ur" instead of "your"?

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There is none. He should just take a picture at a strip club.

Yes, now remember. You give your used things to the less fortunate.

The problem is that he hasn't sent her the pic of him nailing her best friend. Yes I understand it may not have happened, that's why there's photoshop.

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We have a winner! Her prize is gonorrhea.

...Wow, watching people strip gives you STI's now?

What a bitch. It's a good thing that she's your ex.

That's rough man.. I'd be pissed too. FYL

Wow she's so desperate she has to hire a stripper.... I'd say you dodged a bullet

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Well at least you know that the only action she can get is from strippers

desireev 17

Actually, "strippers" are some of the last people to put out. That's the name of the game! Always seem 'available' and never be 'available'.. If OPs girl was looking for someone to give her some 'action', she would have hired a male prostitute. OPs ex girlfriend was probably just showing OP that she was having fun without him. Not that she is TRYING to have sex with a male dancer. Yes, I put 'trying' because the male dancer is an entertainer. NOT a prostitute. Get it straight!