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Today, at my job as a movie theater attendant, my boss finally eased up and let me sit in on one of the movies. One woman kept laughing out loud every other line. After ten minutes of her braying like a dying horse, I got up and had her ejected from the theater. I'm a terrible person. FML
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  Max24KB  |  0

you know your a redneck if you drive a covered wagon lmfao

  TrickyDeath  |  14

I feel like OP should have asked her to quiet down first.
My beloved Aunt was having failure with several functions and we took her to the movies/dinner before admitting her to the hospital. She laughed and made strange noises like every other line during the movie, luckily there wasn't anyone else in the theatre but still. Maybe you don't know the situation. Even if it was purposeful, at least you'd given the jerk a warning so you knew they were being a jerk. But if it was an innocent offender I'd feel awful.

By  shanie123  |  10

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I agree, I like people that laugh, they make me laugh! :) And even if it annoys you, can't you just be happy about the fact that she's really enjoying the movie?

  TKello  |  6

But it's not like the woman was talking, she was simply laughing. Maybe to her the movie was funny and she couldn't keep it in. You go see movies to make yourself feel good, and laughing is a way to do just that. I'm sorry but I don't think what OP did was right, and if I was the woman I would have been very upset.

You're lucky she didn't report you to your boss, you could've lost your privilege of being able to sit in the theater during the movie.

  dreamer2526  |  0

it would be very annoying, especially if it was after every other line like OP said. that makes it very hard to focus on the movie and follow the dialogue. People don't pay 7+ dollars to not know what is going on in the movie.

  conan13_fml  |  0

there is a point when some people laugh too much or too loud, and it begins to bother people. If I was OP I would have asked her to quite down first.

That said, I prefer drive in's, you can laugh loud and talk with out driving other people nuts.

  Weetart  |  8

#91, when you go to watch a movie in a public setting, you should be considerate and mindful of the people surrounding you. It's common sense. If you plan on laughing like a dying horse as Op had stated, then wait to watch it when it comes out on DVD or pirate the movie. I'm sure if one person is annoyed with her laughter, then you can be sure many other people are. Hell, if I was Op I wouldn't be quite happier to kick her ass out of the theatre. There's a reason as to why before every movie starts, they make it point to turn your cellphones off and to be quiet.

By  mgsoloist  |  14

There have been worse theatre attendants. This one lady kicked us out for having our feet on the back of the seat in front of us despite the fact that we were in an empty theatre. You did good my friend.