By rhythmbandit - 09/10/2009 04:22 - United States

Today, my boyfriend bought me a beautiful pair of very expensive diamond earrings, along with a card that read, "To my beautiful brown eyed Princess." My ears aren't pierced, and my eyes are green. FML
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Maybe he's hoping you'll get brown contacts and pierce your ears to suit his royal standards. lol

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"Us guys"? Speak for yourself. I'm a guy, and I would make sure NOT to write down the wrong color on this note. If I didn't know, I wouldn't say anything about it. Some guys are not assholes, newsflash.


maybe he was talking about the OTHER brown eye you have ;)

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Yes he is. Those were certainly meant for me!

OR he could have stolen the earrings with the card.. She never said if he could afford anything of the sort or not..

Are you sure that your eyes are without a doubt a noticeable green? My eyes are like this : during the day, but at night they go a darker color, which doesn't looks like a dark green-hazel. PLUS, if my brother has green-hazel eyes, which i say are "hazel" but he calls them green.

y do ppl think hmm he's obviously cheating dump his ass now? green eyes don't look too much different than brown unless u r looking closely and being a guy I no we aren't that great w/ little details like if ur ears r pierced or not. give him a break. but if he's been ur bf for at least a year or 2 than maybe u should talk to him

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what kind of girl doesn't have pierced ears?

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time to peirce ur ears for them dimonds... expencive things given to you doesnt hapoen all the time then to repay him and make him happy get those brown contacts he likes

Exactly. I think maybe the boyfriend just didn't remember the exact colour of her eyes (I normally don't unless they are exceptionally interesting or large) and just assumed that earrings would always be a safe bet for a girl. Or you know, he could be cheating.

#105, yeah, my kind-of ex crush has brown eyes indoors and green eyes in natural light, i'm kinda jealous

@123 uh... just about EVERY girl? I got mine done when I was 7

123 said "what kind of girl doesnt have peirced ears" and you responded "about EVERY girl, i got mine done when i was 7". Epic fail.

Maybe he's hoping you'll get brown contacts and pierce your ears to suit his royal standards. lol

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excuse me, but you are so ******* stupid. money does not equate caring. if he didn't know what color her eyes were, he shouldn't have written out "brown-eyed". I am willing to bet that every relationship you've been in has gone wrong, and you have no idea why. OP, you need to break up with this guy. the diamonds mean nothing if he doesn't care about you.

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"Us guys"? Speak for yourself. I'm a guy, and I would make sure NOT to write down the wrong color on this note. If I didn't know, I wouldn't say anything about it. Some guys are not assholes, newsflash.

She's not ungrateful.. I think he gave the wrong gift to the wrong girlfriend.

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If he really cared that much, he would have noticed that she didn't wear earrings. Yeah, the majority of girls have pierced ears, but it's her boyfriend. He should know... her. The green/brown thing is up in the air. Depends on what shade of green her eyes are -- it can be an easy mistake to make. It's an 'eh' thing, but no need to freak out about it. Earrings are a little more noticeable. Buying expensive diamond earrings is a very sweet thing (scratch that, it's ******* awesome), but it doesn't automatically mean he loves her. Love =/= how much money you spend on a person. Sure, love sometimes comes in expensive gifts, but definitely not always. OP doesn't need to throw her heart at the first person who gives her something that didn't come from a convenience store. Especially if said person didn't even notice that she doesn't have pierced ears. Not saying she should necessarily break up with him, just keep an eye on this one. My personal advice? Get she should get her ears pierced anyway. Diamonds ARE pretty badass.

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Couple things: 1. My boyfriend cares for me a lot. He doesn't have a lot of money so I don't get many gifts. It doesn't bother me because I know he loves me. 2. My friend has this thing about "Holes in the body that aren't meant to be there" so maybe she can't just go and pierce her ears because her either cheating boyfriend or asshole boyfriend (or both) is so unobservent. 3.The green/brown thing is a toss-up I guess. Wouldn't that somehow have come up in a conversation eventually? But if there really isn't much of a difference between your green eyes and brown eyes then ok. 4. @#4... "At least you got diamonds"???? Wowwww I feel so bad for any girlfriend you have had and will have. So you think, just buy her something pretty, that'll shut her up? 5. Yes it probably is right to assume most girls have their ears pierced but it might not always be noticable. I, for instance, don't wear earings a lot. I just don't have many nice ones. Thats all I have to say. Enjoy.

Break up with him and keep the diamonds being the plan I assume?

Well, what can you expect? One man can't notice everything, althrough if it was me, I'd look it up twice before giving the present. Maybe the present was for someone else hes cheating on you with and got rejected? Oh the endless possibilities.

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Fuck that, pierce your ears woman!

Everyone cannot pierce there ears. For some strange reasons, I and some other people I know are allergic to piercing. :-/

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Allergic to piercing? Yeah. No.

You can't be allergic to getting your ears pierced, just certain elements of it. && there's ways around it.

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as these two said; you can only be allergic to some kinds of metal, not to the piercing process itself. get a kind of stud you aren't allergic to and make sure you clean it. simple.

Or dang, just don't get your ears pierced and sell the earrings. I would think that if someone's about to buy diamond earrings they'd make darn sure you had your ears pierced, which leads me to believe he is either loaded or has another girlfriend with brown eyes and pierced ears. I'd sell the earrings before breaking up or doing anything about it :) But then again that's why nobody buys me diamond earrings hahaha.

If someone got me earrings like this... I still wouldn't pierce my ears. Sorry, I do not want my ears pierced. Is that so bad? What would be the point anyway? Ohhh I can have shiny dangly bits hanging from my ears, how exciting and beautiful!... No. Now... mind, I would definitely appreciate such a gift, but I wouldn't pierce my ears just for the sake of it. I'd definitely be a little disappointed that they wouldn't know me well enough to get me instead a necklace, ring, or bracelet, though. However, that depends on how long they've been together whether or not she should feel disappointed or FML. As for the eyes, I can see that as forgiveable, since I've rarely seen anyone with green eyes that were shockingly green, unless they were wearing contacts or something. Brown is easy to confuse it with... I would be upset if he said instead something like... blue or gray, unless they were pretty pale. And of course both factors also have a bit of dependency on how often the subject was brought up. If she offhandedly mentioned "I hate when people think my eyes are brown, THEY'RE /GREEN/!" then definitely growl-worthy. If she ever said "My mother tried to force me to pierce my ears" then definitely growl-worthy. If she expected him to automatically and immediately notice, then no growls allowed, unless they've been together for a reasonable amount of time. [edit] Oh, excellent point 87. It would definitely be wise your partner appreciates and can/would use such gifts before shelling out the cash. He could have another girl, or if this is soon in the relationship he may be one of those guys who try to buy the girl into bed.

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ummmm wow you guys are sooo wrong ! some people's body reject piercings so don't tell her to " just get your ears pierced "

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61 you do that too?!?! I always confuse people because I say "yeah, no" a lot

wow, that's ungrateful!!!! your boyfriend just bought you an expensive present cos he loves you! also, brown eyes look like green sometimes, it's easy to get confused!

Ah-ha, but HERE'S the question: Is he cheating, or were those acquired in the stick-up?

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to be fair: I also have green eyes, but from a distance (10ft away or so), they appear brown. True enough your BF should know better, but hey that's what guys are like.