By Johnnogood - 09/10/2012 13:57 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, my boss fired me because of the way I laugh. Apparently it reminds him too much of his ex-wife's laugh. I'm a guy. FML
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DarkDaedalus009 8

What an asshole he can't do that just for that reason

feldco1 17

Maybe his ex wife had a really deep laugh..


DarkDaedalus009 8

What an asshole he can't do that just for that reason

hopsinlove17 26

The lack of respect these days is ridiculous.

Well, in New York you can get fired for damn near anything. If you show up eating white toast and your employer likes wheat. Your ass is canned.

Seriously? Happy to live in Sweden now!

Yeah that was a dick head move on the bosses part.

In the UK that would be a straight up lawsuit but I'm pretty sure they have contracts in America that allow you to be fired without even giving a particular reason

No. I'm pretty sure you can still file for wrongful termination. I should know. I live here.

LMFAOwned 9

47, you are correct. Filing Wrongful Termination is the solution here. He can't fire you got your laugh, he can only fire you from worker incompetence or neglectand things of the sort.

in a commerce state they can fire you for anything except for race, religion, sex. Also a contract to prevent lawsuit and union was made illegal awhile back not sire of the exact date.

In an at will state that has minimal exceptions. I.e. New York. An employer can fire you for any reason that is not illegal. They can fore you for work related stuff(not showing up on time) or non-work related stuff(How loud you talk, annoying personality, etc.) You two are both incorrect. It may seem wrong but look at it from the employers point of view. If he doesn't want someone working for him he shouldn't be forced to have to.

In Sweden bosses has to have a real reason to fire someone and then give them 3 weeks or something before he/she can fire the employer. Not fire somebody for such stupid reason as their laugh...-_-

Crewboy you are a douche in every comment you post!!! My cousin works for P&G in New York and you can't be fired for no reason! There is a specific kind of contract you have to sign to allow your company to fire you for no reason at all, and seeing as how you don't know if OP actually signed one of these disclaimers, there is no way you can tell people whether or not he could or couldn't be fired legally!

In an at will or no fault state one can be fired for their laugh. All it takes is documentation that it causes disruption in the work place, and that employee has been warned several times. It is not hard to document such a thing. Surrounding employees can be overheard making a comment about it being annoying, then the supervisor has it. (comment, date, and parties involved)

Is ny a right to work state? I know the past few states I lived in were and you can get let go for anything. Hell, I was let go because I was going to use one of my two weeks paid vacation time to go to the mayo clinic to see what is wrong with me. As soon as I had the appointment scheduled I was fired. They even reported to unemployment I was let go for health reasons. At the time the condition wasn't interfering with my work. In a lot of these cases if you do sue and win, the most you can ask for is your job back. Not exactly a good deal imo. I'd guess the boss would be out to make your life a living hell at that point.

Ya, theres a lot of places where you can be fired for pretty much anything other than sex, religion, ethnicity, and sexual preference. It takes very little for an employer to create some documentation allowing it.

Right to work states they don't have to have documentation or a reason. It's utter bullshit and just another example of things that need to change to get people working in stable jobs and things back on track

thathipsterchick 2

No, 47 is correct. You can't just fire someone because they sound like your ex. Its wrong.

Yeah 30. It was a pretty 'erect' approach.

102 People act like dumbass's amd douchebags because they believe they will get laid is that right? Is it better that it almost always work for them?

118- what are talking about? That had nothing to do with 102's comment at all

120: My guess is that it was meant for #82, who's bravely fighting the good fight against douchebaggery everywhere.

You have a high-pitched horse laugh? Start practicing your best maniacal villain impersonation.

feldco1 17

Maybe his ex wife had a really deep laugh..

Your boss is an asshole. Karma will get him

I believe his employee laughing like his ex wife is the Karma.

**** karma. OP you should have got him yourself, by punching him in the face really hard, then saying it was because he reminded you of a complete fucknut.

^Damn right. OP - I'm serious. I expect to read an FML soon about an ex-employee being arrested for assault, but not charged.... because the police still believe in a moral code too.

iOceanus 18

What is up with bosses and their power trips nowadays?

CaptainDoorknob 7

Cops are the same way. I've seen a cop slam a guy to the ground for not letting his rights be violated.

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Tell him you picked up the laugh from having sex with his ex-wife because you two spent so much time laughing about how small his penis is.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Wow. Yeah, do that OP. That's not an immature solution at all. Speak to someone in HR, I'm sure there's something you can do about it.

Werken247 14

@23 I'm not here to give good advise, there are plenty of Dr Phils here for that. No... my contract clearly states; "create as much chaos, havoc and destruction as possible" and as an added benefit I also get to be an asshat!

BeforeItWasCool 12

Eh it's been a rough day I feel like being an asshole too. I signed the wrong damn contract

Some bosses are dicks! This is why I would like to be my own boss someday, but I realize that to get there you have to have a boss -.- fyl op, and good luck finding a new job!

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Be serious guys, this isn't a laughing matter.

Sometimes I can't see profile pictures, metro pcs does not yet offer 4-giggle-byte speed. A little off topic, but I'm sure you'll fire-give me. (ok I admit it, that was awful)

38, I gave you a "+1" only because you owned up to your mistake.

There's a club? I want to join, I like clubs! I'll even bring the cookies or liquor. :D

BunchieRules 31

I'll bring the pizza. Dominos, or Pizza Hut?

That's a damn specific club. The "My boss fired me for having a laugh similar to his ex-wife's laugh club." Pretty long name, too.

Well, I guess it's time to specifically design your next laugh. Let's hope it doesn't sound like your future boss' ex wife.