By Paws_Cat - United States - North Dartmouth
Today, my grandmother yelled at me for driving erratically. I was "driving" in a video game. FML
Paws_Cat tells us more :
I like how everyone assumes that I was playing Grand Theft Auto. I wasn't. Also, this got published fast! I was expecting it to be a day or something!
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  Zufallian  |  34

Oh my gosh, you sound like my mother. Video games are pixels on a screen, that's it. What you do in a vide game DOES NOT happen in real life. I can't play GTA withiut being judged by some family members because I'm shooting "people".

  MrConcise  |  34

Even if OP tried to humor his grandmother and follow the driving laws, the cops would just end up crashing into him and giving him a wanted level. You can't win, OP. Throw in the towel.

  theTravinator  |  21

My bad- I was referring to GTA IV where you'd sometimes get even more money from the prostitute that you'd kill, I haven't really figured out the money side of GTA V yet though and I haven't played it in a while

  zRatio  |  6

And have you noticed? All old people are trying to fit in with Technology by buying iPads! Its funny, they take it everywhere with them and when they run into a problem. They turn it off and wait for a younger child to try and help them.