By hangman - 01/08/2013 18:25 - United Kingdom - London

Today, my boss suspended me for laughing too hard at my desk and causing a big scene in front of our customers. I was laughing because he'd forwarded me a hilarious email. He was practically smirking as he handed me my official warning. FML
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flashback.miss 28

Sorry you were set up for that OP. At least you're still employed.


flashback.miss 28

Sorry you were set up for that OP. At least you're still employed.

What the hell is wrong with your profile picture.

7, i have seen it so much lately, im numb to it now.

friedpwnadge 25

It's an eye leech, commonly used in many cultures to drain bad blood and help with infections. The more you know :)

Looks a lot more like grape jelly to me.

It looks really ****** up to me. I don't even like reading her comments because of that picture.

Set up like a girl on a blind date with a 40yr old virgin

tjv3 10

Well check the company policy on acceptable use for the computer/Internet/email then report him to HR and smile

Don't encourage HR to be dicks. Do print it with the time stamp so that they know it was right before same dude wrote you up, just in case.

PterodactylMan 23

A big one at that, hey at least your not fighting for your job like the other FML

Wow, you should send him an equally funny email next time he has a meeting or something.

Umm no because his boss is the boss & can fire him.

narkill 13

Just plant some weed in his desk next time. Actually no, don't do that.

Fluffasuars_Rawr 15

Haha, he would probably take the weed and just smoke it xD

subiedude08 17

Because that's just wrong that could get him arrested he only suspended her

thatgirlkat 9

This man is the definition of a dick.

hcollins1 18

If there is anyone in management that is in a higher position than your boss, show them the email the he had sent you. I can't stand people who take advantage of their power!

Your boss is a jerk, and take this as a hint and possibly find someone better to work for.

Be happy you still got job, any other boss would of just fired on spot. Still FML

I know the economy sucks and good jobs can be hard to come by, but we shouldn't be happy about having a job if companies and bosses continue to treat us like shit. If people keep that attitude, things will never change.

Exactly. In no way should we accept this kind of intolerable behavior just because we should be happy to have a job!

perdix 29

The email was likely mildly amusing and the fact you found it "hilarious" showed you to be a shameless suck-up.