By Alyssa - 31/03/2012 18:53 - United States - Fayetteville

Today, I was kicked out of my review lecture at community college, for "being a disturbance and refusing to stop whistling." I wasn't even given a chance to explain that I have a cold. FML
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#9 - Wtf? That was the worst sarcasm I have ever, EVER, heard in my life.

Comments does whistling and coughing sound alike?

It doesn't. When someone has a cold, they cough, and wheeze, and the wheezing part probably explains the whistling.

OP is probably congested and is breathing through their nose, creating a whistling sound.

It's called your nose gets stuffed up and it makes a whistling sound when you breathe out, dumbass.

#9 - Wtf? That was the worst sarcasm I have ever, EVER, heard in my life.

Sure, it was "sarcasm". Not the fact you made yourself look foolish and are trying to cover your stupidity

From know on when people try to cover up stupidity with sarcasm we are now going to call it "muurphing".

They don't, but when your nose is stuffed up, it makes a whistling noise when you breathe.

You guys are getting pretty pissed just because he made a stupid comment!

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There's a pun in there somewhere, but I can't think of it.

At least OP won't be able to smell it.

A cold isn't too bad. I'm sure it'd stink more if he had diarrhea or something

You should've stayed home sick, if your cold is causing that much of a disturbance

Damn, See what happens when you try to be a good student and go to class even when you have a cold

Looks like you were given the cold shoulder *pun fail*

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They're just in denial, honeybuncher. Your ass will always be irresistible to me.

I must avenge my eyes... With your death! *sharpens knife blindly*

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What the **** is wit your pic

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I guess even schools can't teach some people. You would think teachers would be smart. They are always there so wouldn't they be able to thing a little? Guessing the answer is no.

I read it 4 times. I still have no idea what the hell you're trying to say.

edit: Nevermind, it was already said.

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He's saying that they've been to school to become a college professor, you'd think they'd be able to recognize symptoms of the common cold.

YDI for not standing up for yourself and explaining that you had a cold.

"I wasn't even given a chance to explain that I have a cold." Glad i could help with your failing reading comprehention.

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The op's in (community) college. No one needs to "give" him or her a chance to explain, she's old enough to simply explain herself without waiting for permission to speak. What did they do, gag her?

It doesn't take much to just say "Sorry I have a cold"

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Fyl for not being able to read

Well, at least it's JUST a review lecture. I'm not saying its okay to miss those, but you're not missing out on new material. Just trying to look on the bright side! ;)

The song is "Whistle while you work" not "Whistle while you learn".