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Today, I was involved in a 5-way conversation about the movie Inception. I nodded and agreed with things that were said, but couldn't admit that despite having seen it 4 times, I still haven't the foggiest idea of how to explain what it's about. FML
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In his case, he'll need to see it again while he sees it again.

OP you should just read the summary on Wikipedia, that's what I did.

It isn't that difficult to understand. Sadly everyone is just used to the plots in Michael bay style movies

21- "Transformers had a very original storyline and deep character development" -No one ever

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Inception is NOT hard to understand. Why do people keep saying that??

Because movies aren't about the plot line anymore. These days, it's about cars, special effects and how attractive the actors are. I miss Hitchcock.

18-they need to see it again, while some one sees it again, while a third person sees it again. But if they do that the movie will be going 8 times as fast...

81, I agree that a lot of movies aren't about the plot anymore, but Inception is just exceptionally complicated, which is why people have a hard time understanding it.

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You're not alone OP. Don't feel so bad, it's not the worst thing in the world. Plus, it is confusing. Just slyly pull out your phone and google the plot summary of the movie and argue based on that :D

If you think inception was hard to follow, watch shutter island. It will **** your mind so hard.

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I thought shutter Island was a great movie and it was pretty easy to follow. But inception? Whew yeah I'd need 5 more times to watch that movie to really grasp it.

I remember "Inception" and "Shutter Island" both came out close to each other so even the previews confused me. At first, I thought they were the same strange movie. (:

It's about some company owner trying to get his competitors empire disbanded. He hires Hobbs to plant an idea into the heirs head to disband his fathers empire. Not sure how that's hard to get seeing as its said In the very beginning.

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There's nothing confusing about Inception. It sucks, to be sure, but it's not confusing.

I only saw inception once. I was on a bus for a camp trip. I was also on the phone with my dad. I understand what happened. Not completely, but enough to be in a conversation about it

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It's hardly confusing. For a movie about dreams within dreams, it's pretty straightforward. I still love the shit out of it though.

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It can be considered confusing bc at the end Leo's top isn't shown to be stopped or still spinning, so it isn't clear whether he's in a dream or in reality.

Dream within a dream within a dream. it's perfect

...and the soundtrack was one of the best I've ever heard. Hans Zimmer is a boss.

I now have that in my head whenever I'm about to get test grades back. Bruum Bbrruuuummmm BBBRRRRRUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM

I had to watch it like three or four times because if you miss one thing you miss a big thing later on. I had to watch it so many times so I could get it. Don't worry OP you aren't alone in this.

Op was having a conversation within a conversation within a conversation

It's about people planting ideas in some dudes mind through different stages of dreams well that's what I got from it

Yeah 4 that's what Inception (to create or plant an idea). The only way they could actually accomplish their task and save the guy (Scarecrow actor) was to go into stages of dreams.

It's so much more than this. I took it as him being stuck in a loop of dreams. Movie starting on a beach, ending on a beach. Then his top possibly never stop spinning? This movie is so intriguing, I love it.

If you wait just a few seconds after the end of the film once the screen fades black, you hear the top click and fall against the table. Hooray for discrete happy endings :)

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I think the movie is all about the guy that woke up on the beach. It was all a dream, everything, because he woke up on the plane and nobody talked to him. I think that he never knew those people but dreamt of them because he saw them on the plane with him.

66, by the laws of physics the top had to stop spinning because it began to wobble slightly. Also I'm pretty sure Christopher Nolan had made a comment that it DID stop.

No dicaprio starts on the beach because the movie starts at the end when he finds the asian man again in limbo. Then they show how it all happened..

118, that's the point. If the top never stopped spinning, that would have meant that he was dreaming. Nice try, but no.

I'm not exactly sure what it was about either, but I'm almost positive that Rosebud was his sled.

**** you man. I already had that movie spoiled for me by the internet, don't let some unfortunate sap suffer the same fate I did.

28, you have broken the unspoken rule of FML, you shall NOT insult Doc.

I've actually got to give him some props for having the brass balls to talk to Doc that way. Anyway, he isn't a god: just a great commenter with an interesting blog, thousands of fans, long flowing hair, a firm buttocks... Erm. Right. Although he didn't really say anything that would in any way spoil the movie.

28 - Google a movie called "Citzen Kane".

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28 I feel the same way. I read it on a Cracked article, managed to forget, then read it AGAIN recently. And Doc has just re-hammered it into my brain, where I think it is now permanently etched. And of course 38 sealed the deal for anyone who DIDN'T know what was being discussed. Idk why everyone assumes just because MOST people have seen a movie, then everyone has and would love to hear the ending. Especially something like this. Like I only recently saw Fight Club and it would've killed the ending for me if I knew the twist the whole time. **** you, Internet. Please go back to the polite, considerate days of your infancy when people said "spoiler alert" without sarcasm, if at all...

Marcella - Gee, I'm so sorry that I ruined the ending of a movie that came out OVER SEVENTY ******* YEARS AGO. How could I. I'm such a monster, etc etc. By the way, Darth Vader is Luke's father, the butler did it, and Soylent Green is made of people.

Marcella1016 31

You're right. You're always right and know everything, don't you, Doc? It's also nice that I said "**** you, Internet" while 28 said "**** you man" to YOU and you somehow made the leap that I called you a monster. You don't need to be a know it all jerk all the time. Everyone hasn't seen everything. And people who spoil things for other on purpose, just to prove a point, it makes them feel good, etc. because "hey if you haven't seen such and such it's your fault"...well, they're jerks. Sorry to break it to you. From reading your blog and a fair few of your FML comments, I'd suggest maybe you need to work on your empathy, just a smidge :)

Dammit, I missed a prissy bitch fit AGAIN! I miss all the good stuff. Well, um, what Baustigt said. Bitch.

Marcella1016 31

82 - Please reread what I wrote. I said nothing about Inception, and nether did Doc. The thread is about Citizen Kane, which has nothing to do with the FML. And of course the argument has now devolved to name-calling. Purporting to call me a bitch, even though you don't know me, is crossing the line. Sorry I didn't kiss the golden ass of FML. I am out of this conversation.

Marcella - There's no reason your stupid comment will get modded just because it's stupid and hypocritical. The whole "monster" thing was sarcasm. You're old enough to know how to recognise that. I'll admit that I act like a know-it-all bastard from time to time, but I have no idea where you got that here. And I'm absolutely positive that I'll change both my commenting style as well as my bedside manner just because you suggested it. I'm so thankful that I now have you as my life-coach. How much do you charge again?

Hold up on lunch mom, somebody's wrong on the Internet.

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More drama than a spanish soap opera. *ding ding* Oh hey, my popcorn's done! I'm going to be mad if someone took my reserved seats, I spent hours on E-Bay auctioning for them.

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I think 68/80 just saw 28 getting thumbed up and gaining respect from a couple people and thought "I need a piece of that... I'll start wildly insulting doc!"

Marcella- if you haven't watched the movie, DON'T READ ABOUT THE ENDING! It's as simple as that. No need to be a bitch. It's your fail for reading about the ending

Marcella1016 31

Sigh. I said I wouldn't come back, but curiosity got the best of me and it looks like my other comment got modded. Again, this thread is NOT about ruining the ending to Inception (which I HAVE seen). Inception hasn't even been mentioned in this thread, even though thats what the FML is about. For the two people so far who weren't paying attention, he actually ruined the ending to Citizen Kane. I personally think it's rude to do that, but hey I guess no matter what I'm wrong because the movie is old (and because his name is DocBastard). I'm sorry, everyone. I've learned not to go against the king of FML. -_-

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Will everyone please calm down. It's not like Darth Vader is his father or anything.

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That movie confused me so much--that and Shutter Island. Someone had to explain the ending to me.

Gaaah! Spoiler! Just kidding :P mom already told me the ending. Sounds like a great movie but I don't know if I should see it knowing the twist of the whole thing that he is insane the whole time. It's the same way with fight club :/

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dat was meant for someone else!

You and several others, OP. It's just an...interesting movie.

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Confusing movies can sometimes be the best. :) I hope you get it next time you watch it.