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Today, I watched a movie with my little sister. I couldn't understand a word that was said during one scene, but I figured it was in some kind of made-up language. When I commented on it later, she called me a moron and said it was Spanish. FML
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Wat word could u possibly mistake for gibberish in a language where the words are obviously that language

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61-I'm pretty sure that's Spanish.

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I've been learning Arabic and French for almost my entire life and I still don't get half of what I hear in either of those two.

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"Tu idiota" its like saying -Idiot you- I'm mexican

152... I'm like 90% sure you're wrong. I'm Asian, but I speak like 5 words of Korean. Being a race doesn't make you speak the language. Tu idiota doesn't mean 'idiot you'...

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yes. it is actually very similar to the English language.

It's spellt like ingles but said way different.

English and Spanish aren't really that close... Hence the different language part

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Gibberish only to people who don't understand it

The fact that you can't understand Spanish, doesn't make it "gibberish". You should respect and by the way, Spanish is the top 5 widely spoken languages. Yep, you may now shut up.

104, actually Spanish and English are pretty close to each other. Obviously not close enough to be the same language, but if you were to learn Spanish you'd notice that a large amount of words were cognates (Words that are similar in one language to another)

#126 Finally someone who knows what is he/she talking about!

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Lol you guys all just got trolled

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104 - I play league too! 1400 Elo

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I'm actually fluent in both Spanish and English I just know that not everyone knows Spanish

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You guys are taking me WAY too seriously.

That's why they both have origins in Latin for most part of vocabulary. But that doesn't make them similar. And they are not

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In English that comment would have been thumbed waaaaaay down lmao

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Ay de mi!! Estoy muy loco!

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Mi pie es en el bano y yo quierro taco. <- That is two years of high school Spanish for ya.

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If you want a taco, get your foot out of the toilet and get it yourself.

Apparently OP missed out when she was younger...

Or OP grew up on Sesame Street and the like. Dora the Explorer hasn't been around too long.

I lived in California for a while. I didn't go a day without hearing Spanish from random people. I'm not sure how you can not even recognize it as a real language even if you don't understand it.

If you've never heard Spanish before, you obviously don't live in California.. .. Wait .. How .. LOLQUE?

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Off topic and all but your profile description is pretty helpful to noobies.

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I like docs better... One day I'm going to come up with a comment on something he says that has every single word and phrase he has listed in it, just to see his reaction.

#64 - Yeah, I try to be helpful when I can. Nice to know someone actually bothered to look at my profile.

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Two people read your profile. I only read it because the other person did though, so I guess that makes me a sheep. baaa

How haven't you heard enough Spanish or of the romance languages to recognize them even though you don't understand them?